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Posted on December 19 at 11:37 a.m.

The SBCC tennis team just got "blindsided" by their own athletic department that is full of a bunch of football "thugs". Their football team received sanctions for evicting families from their apartments in order to house SBCC football players. They are "evicting" the sports minded community from the infield at La Playa Stadium in order to protect their $500,000.00 artificial football field. Look for other "minor" sports to be dropped. Maybe it should be time to think about dropping FOOTBALL. Recruiting violations, performance enhancing drugs, gambling, sky-rocketing expenses, they all follow present day football. The only winners are the BIG TIME football programs who swoop down and snag the top JC players and then make millions of dollars off them. If a player gets injured and can't play any more, they then throw them in a rubbish can full of beat up and battered former players who can hardly walk and bend down. It's a lose, lose proposition for junior college athletics.

On SBCC to Suspend Men’s Tennis Program

Posted on December 12 at 12:46 p.m.

This "turf war" between the SBCC athletic department and the sports minded community has been going on for years. SBCC is not worried about law suits from "ambulance chasing attorneys " or they would lock the stadium gates. A contract was signed in 1962 (I have a copy) between the city and SBCC which allows the community to use the facility (track, stairs and in-field) as long as school is not in session and there are no special events going on at the stadium. The present SBCC athletic department is "blind " to this contract and wants complete control of the facilty.
What happened to the Sound Body, Sound Mind philosophy? With child obesity at an all-time high in the USA, SBCC should be encouraging physical activity NOT discouraging it.

On Closed Athletic Fields

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