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Posted on January 3 at 4:21 p.m.

Maybe the author was one of the over 12,000 UCSB students who voted NO in bringing back gaucho football. Maybe the author is one of the former NFL football players who filed a lawsuit last year accusing the league of concealing information linking football-related injuries to long term brain damage. Maybe the author is from one of the families who were evicted from their apartments in order to make room for SBCC football players. Maybe the author is your regular "joe football fan" who is sick and tired of the monster that football has become. Outrageous salaries, ticket prices, parking and concession fees plus the extra cable company fees you have to pay just to watch a game on TV. Why should an educational institution like SBCC get involved in this "mess"?

On Football Takes All

Posted on December 12 at 2 p.m.

Thanks Fred for speaking up. My daughter was "kicked off" the athletic field at SBCC by an "over-weight" SBCC athletic equipment manager in an electric cart while I was jogging around the track. School was not in session and there were no special events going on at the stadium. What was she doing? She was doing cart-wheels!

On Closed Athletic Fields

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