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Posted on April 12 at 5:29 a.m.

The sales tax sounds like another one off deal designed to allow the City to muddle through its finacial mess.

Rather, the City needs to develop a long term financial plan (5 years) to balance the budget based on Generally Accepted Accounting Prinicples, and over the next ten to fifteen years, repair our streets (and the rest of our infrastructure) and fully fund the pensions and other retirement benefits.

We may even need a charter amendment.

On Tax Hike Dead in the Cradle

Posted on December 6 at 5:34 p.m.

Diane is responsible for the federal deficit. In 1994, she campaigned on the promise to vote for the balanced budget amendment. But when it came time, she got weak kneed and would not cast the 67th aye vote, so no balanced budget amendment. And while this was the creation of Newt and his merry band, it would have stopped Bush and the Republicans from squandering our kids future.

So she lied to us and for that, she should be tossed.

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