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Posted on May 7 at 11:02 a.m.

I can think of one thing to criticize in Josh Lynn's behavior: his reckless statement about Joyce Dudley's resolution of the murder case. In his ad, Lynn states that Dudley plea bargained a murder case in order to get back to the campaign trail. This is a wholly uninformed statement, and the fact the Lynn would make it in an attempt to sway voters is appalling. Lynn, who has done performance reviews of Dudley, didn't bother to examine the circumstances of this case before slinging this accusation.

The case Lynn is referring to is People vs Gregory Doan. As the daughter of Carolyn Samuels, the woman killed by Greg Doan, I can tell you that the plea bargain was the resolution that my siblings and I pushed for. If Doan went to trial, he would've likely been convicted and sentenced to 15 years. With the plea bargain, we were able to avoid a trial altogether, sparing everyone the emotional trauma of going over this tragic accident witnessed by over 20 people. Joyce Dudley constructed a plea bargain that addressed all of the issues at hand, which a trial would not have encompassed. The plea bargain acknowledges the trauma of the other victims in this case, the 19 other runners Doan drove into, prevents Doan from every getting a license again if he ever gets out of jail, and sentences him to 35 years, with the earliest parole eligibility in 17. Doan is a 58 year old man; 35 years is a life sentence for him.

Joyce Dudley handled this case with intelligence, compassion, exceptional ethical and moral conduct, and most importantly, a holistic view of the issues confronting her community and its individuals. For me, that's a DA.

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