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Posted on May 3 at 12:04 p.m.

Sfsherrill, I find your negative postings outrageously exaggerated and unsympathetic. The Botanic Garden has managed to preserve 78 acres of the valuable and irreplaceable open space that you yourselves have probably helped to destroy by purchasing one of the hundreds of homes built into the canyon.

Also, I’m fairly certain the Garden (or any other facility) would not pave pathways which were too steep for wheelchairs to ascend.

Silvercloud, I think you have misinterpreted the Garden’s Vital Mission Plan. No part of it makes any mention of turning the garden into a tourist destination. Far from it. They simply want to make the Garden more updated and functional for their own use. How would you like to work in dark, cramped, dilapidated space? And have boxes upon boxes stacked, because there is no space to properly store plant specimens used for research?

Not all education can take place outside. The Botanic Garden provides lab space for children, and also professional researchers, to look at plants under microscopes and study various flora. Sure, much can be learned from walking around in nature, but children and adults also need indoor space with desks and tables for note-taking and the other classes offered by the Garden like basket weaving.

Furthermore, the Garden is really not removing much of the landscape which isn’t already occupied by buildings. If you were to look at the layout of existing buildings and planned ones you would see that there is a great amount of overlap. The Garden is mostly renovating and rebuilding updated facilities.

It is insensitive to the Garden employees and its visitors to not offer them bathrooms, work and class space, or clear, organized displays of plant specimens and information about them. Let’s put this all into perspective and please allow the Garden to improve its conditions for the good of the Garden and the community.

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