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Posted on January 5 at 9:15 p.m.

Dear Matt, I love this article! As always you tell such a fascinating story and The Old Mission needs so much help to survive. All of the repairs to the adobe body of the building need to be analyzed and repaired with real adobe not cement or other synthetic elements. An adobe structure is very much like an enormous clay pot that needs to be solidly integrated and repaired by classical "mudding" every second or third year. Just like the lost illumination the art of true adobe architecture that has lasted for thousands of years has been forgotten here in Santa Barbara. In Taos, NM, where The spectacular "Ranchos" Church, more commonly known as "The Georgia O'Keefe Church", is a vital living organism, the Indian Mudders are scheduled for maintenance on a continual basis. So much of the world lives warm in the winter and cool during summer, sheltered by adobe architecture. Why is Santa Barbara so clueless about this? Hopefully, like the rose window, it can be rediscovered in time to save our Old Mission?

On Let the Sun Shine In

Posted on October 6 at 8:32 a.m.

Great article! We now need to know how to make those oranges? Here is a recipe to try.

Festive recipe: Baked Oranges
Monday, December 21, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Here is a recipe, which I got from Krystyna Jadlowiec after a North Side progressive dinner, that people might enjoy over the holidays. It's amazing how good these are, rind and all. Ms. Jadlowiec suggests serving them as a side dish with meat or as dessert with whipped cream and/or ice cream. (She also notes that "you can 'doctor' them up with cognac or other type of alcohol.")

-- Diana Nelson Jones

6 oranges
11/2 cup sugar
Unsalted butter
Choose small, seedless, ripe and juicy, good-quality (organic if you can get them) oranges. Scrub very well, place in a large pan and pour over boiling water. Oranges should be approximately halfway submerged.

Boil slowly for about 1 1/2 hours. Remove oranges, reserving water in the pan, and cut them in half and place in well-buttered baking dish, cuts side up.

Reduce the water by continuing to let it boil until you have about 11/2 cups, then add sugar and boil until it thickens and forms simple syrup.

Pour this syrup over the oranges; top each cut orange with small pieces of unsalted butter. Bake slowly at 325 to 350 degrees, basting occasionally with sauce, for about an hour or until oranges are slightly brown. Serve in the dish in which they were baked.

Serves 12.

-- Krystyna Jadlowiec

On Shepard's Inn

Posted on August 27 at 10:23 a.m.

What a breath of fresh air this is!!! Wouldn't that money help keep the existing Policemen employed and spread a little on to the Firemen? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING PEOPLE? GET A GRIP!

On Moving Once Is Enough

Posted on August 7 at 9:08 a.m.

and "get it". We love you for that! Fiesta in Santa Barbara is like an annual cleansing of the soul, a sort of purification that re-makes the participant and the remarkable city in a mystical way? It’s really a celebration of the early California ideal of romantic, unfettered spirit and breathtaking landscapes with stunning architecture. For the native born in Santa Barbara, this ritual is a chance to demonstrate a remarkable heritage and in this way insure the future of our rare legacy for yet another year. Finally, it is a passionate plea to all who live here, and all who visit, to love it deeply, and preserve it always. And, who’s kidding who, there is a certain amount of just downright shameless letting loose. Thanks Mat you nailed it!

On Why Fiesta Doesn't Suck

Posted on March 29 at 9:44 a.m.

Love this! Sending thanks to all!

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