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Posted on January 26 at 2:52 p.m.

Here's an idea....Imagine a world without abortion.
What would it take? 3 easy steps: Education, birth control and stopping forced sex on women (rape). How about some of you anti-abortion people climb down off your soapboxes and start to do real work for real change. Sex ed for all students starting at puberty; free birth control available without prescriptions and working to change the violence against women culture in our country.
See, easy? But not as easy as harassing people online and at health clinics.

On New President for Planned Parenthood

Posted on October 29 at 2:01 p.m.

The Lamb Meatball sandwich is my new favorite!

On Fill Up at Yellow Belly

Posted on September 5 at 12:03 p.m.

Hi Botany:

Nothing false here.

Yes, Cottage employees reside in some of the units at St. Francis. They are owners, not renters. The income threshold to buy there is more like a nurse or doctor salary, not "work force" of janitors and cafe workers. Are you a neighbor, were you part of the building process and did you attend meetings? Cottage got everything they asked for to build their Condo development project.

Glad to hear that Cottage processes their billing in SB. I just called and asked: The mailing address for my bill is a PO Box in Los Angeles and it goes directly to their bank. So, sounds like Cottage uses a Los Angeles based bank as opposed to a local one with a local processing center that would employee local people.

On Developer to Save Funk Zone

Posted on September 5 at 9:09 a.m.

The City loves big developments...look at Cottage Hospital's Condo project at St. Francis. Cottage got EVERYTHING they demanded and the city rolled over. There are NO rental units available for the true work force of Cottage. Plus, the city is famous for allowing less parking spaces than truly needed. And there's no solar on the 115 unit Condo project; that seemed like a no brainer.

It's nice to see a developer, Neil Dipaola, throw a bone to the people of SB and make his building decent and green, with some rentals. Thank you to him. It's WAY more than Cottage Health System ever offered to its neighbor or the City.

p.s. I just got a bill from Cottage. Their billing department is in Los Angeles; too bad they can't throw a few jobs to some folks here in Santa Barbara after all they take from this community.

On Developer to Save Funk Zone

Posted on May 29 at 9:10 a.m.

I attended UCSB 1980-1985. I remember walking on Del Playa one Friday night and looking around at all the people. It hit me: "there are no grownups here". At the time, it was the strangest revelation but now I think it pretty much sums up IV.

On Isla Vista: The Unwanted Child

Posted on April 22 at 12:30 p.m.

Looks nice. I'm curious who the long-term clientele is thought to be. There are a few luxury condos on site but after that, who will shop here regularly?

On VIDEO: Santa Barbara Public Market

Posted on March 28 at 6:29 p.m.

Welcome to public streets. I live near the Bowl and have been told many times that public streets are open to the public EXPECT where residents have permitted parking (like by West Beach).
Cottage Hospital promised that their employees who live at their St. Francis condo development would never park on neighboring streets. Guess what! They park on the public streets too.
The City of SB is famous for requiring less than the real number of needed parking spaces for large developments. Show me the money.

On El Encanto Sparks Parking Wars

Posted on August 3 at 6:56 a.m.

Is this going to be a worker's comp claim? If so, it will raise the city's rates for years to come. Worth it? I don't think so.

On Councilmember Frank Hotchkiss Injured in Fall From Horse

Posted on March 13 at 9:05 a.m.

So, some subsidized permit holders have been getting the full value of their permits by storing cars in the Harbor lot indefinitely. Why not? For less than 20 cents per day, they have a patrolled, well-lit parking lot at their disposal.

Nobody else who works or recreates in Santa Barbara has subsided public parking. I go to a yoga studio downtown. I park my car on the street and I move it within 75 minutes so I don’t get a ticket; or I can park in a City lot and after the first free 75 minutes, I pay $1.50 per hour. I would never expect someone else to cover my parking costs so I’m unsure why the citizens of Santa Barbara need to underwrite the boating community.

City of Santa Barbara parking permit holders (City lots # 2-12) have to abide by the 72 hour maximum. Slipholders are the only ones in the city who do not have to follow this rule.

On Fix for Harbor Parking Woes?

Posted on February 5 at 10:48 a.m.

I am an "average citizen" who is in favor on bulb-out, roundabouts, stop signs and crosswalks. All these "witless additions" are tools meant to remind drivers to slow down and share the road with others. When respected, they are a pedestrian's friend and help keep vehicle traffic moving. The screaming heads (and council members) who are against these traffic devices drown out most conversations about how to reasonably make our streets safer. My guess is that these vocal people are the same ones who honk when I come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign or when a pedestrian is crossing in front of me.
Sign me,
Average Jane Doe

On Curb Extensions Whacko

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