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Posted on June 5 at 2:58 p.m.

Shame on the Starbucks customer who had a homeless person arrested for assault after he provoked him by teasing him for being dirty and homeless. You think its ok to tease a person, embarrass the person in public, and dont expect the person to do anything? Then, have him arrested after you started something but couldnt finish it. You must be the guy on that commercial MESSING WITH BIGFOOT!!!!! You petty, little, weak man. JERK!!!!
To the police who arrested the man SHAME ON YOU on this petty arrest. What did you do to the JERK that started it? Did he get cited for and arrested for disturbing the public? way to go super crime fighter santa barbara's finest...................
Both men should have been reprimanded for thier behavior and an appology from each. Thats it.

On Santa Barbara Crime Blotter, 5/8 – 5/14

Posted on March 9 at 3:50 a.m.

My opinion is not to worry about racial profiling humans or insects, I have more concerns for the people who cut this rat a deal. Are you kidding me there is a chance he may get probation or time served WTF. Meanwhile the courts are sending people who are caught with paraphanelia to jail for 6 months to a year and probation and forced to take drug classes, Shame on our court system. What these four "people" did was wrong and the po po and courts want to take one weak link and cut him a deal four squeeling on the other three for doing the same thing. How dare the law cut a deal with this stooly. How does the court and police pay him back for his job well done, by putting him out on front street and putting his photo in the newspress and letting everyone know he is no good. The old saying goes if you cant do the time dont do the crime. I bet all four wish they could turn back the clock but you can't. This is a senseless disgusting crime. Murder is not done just by gang member and all are not roaches. look at Oscar Pstorias who just killed his girlfriend. Scott peterson who killed his wife. Drew Peterson who killed three of his wifes. All Scum and Drew was a law abiding police officer. There is no predjudice in murder and I doubt if 'validated' would stomp out anyone and if you think you would then its my opinion that you are no better then these other four cowards.

On Star Witnesses on Hot Seat

Posted on February 28 at 9:52 p.m.

If paula needed help then by all means i'm glad she will receive it. I'm glad she is ok.
Now for the Santa Barbara Sheriff's and Police Department
that comment that they made about them going all out on there search when she was not missing for 24hr is straight BS. I have a friend that has been missing from Lompoc that was a AT RISK Adult and was reported missing and till this day is still missing and everyone who knows her feels there is FOUL PLAY and did not and has not received that kind of treament not to mention besides being a AT RISK Adult she also needed medication to keep her alive. Her name is CRYSTAL KINNEY MISSING from HOME DEPOT in LOMPOC so to the LAW ENFORCEMENT who gave the BS statement why didnt you give the same treatment to Crystal Kinney.?????????????????

Glad your ok Paula

On Case of Disappearing Anchorwoman 'Solved'

Posted on January 6 at 6:58 p.m.

Well this just shows us that these supposed law abidding people are not so law abidding. I can only guess that he is not the only one. There are several perpertrators just like him. If the courts knew of his abuse why did they continue to let this man practice? Shame on the courts and police department for letting this man unprofessonally continue to represent clients in a unprofesional manor. To all the court people and police I feel that you are just as guilty for letting him take money from clients and letting clients put there trust in a lawyer that you knew for years had this problem. For years you let this man get aways with this crime. I hope this lawyer can get the help that he needs if he wants it. SHAME SHAME SHAME on all who knew. I heard that everyone in the courts and police department knew of it and just let it go, I wonder why they all of a sudden decided to take him down??????

On Criminal Defense Attorney Caught Buying Heroin

Posted on October 25 at 8:22 p.m.

my condolence to the family and this young women's kids. If you look at this guys photo he is showing no emotions I hope each and everyday he wakes up and thinks about what he did and wish to god like so many other young people do that it never happened and wish he could take it back, well you can't. You have ruined and sadden so many peoples life. Some one said his family tried to apologies I know it must be hard but please keep in mind that this guy did it not the family. I wonder what is appropriate for a family to say to the other in this kind of situation. I think that the family member that apologised did the right thing. It must have taken that person some guts to say that they were sorry that there family member committed such a heinous crime. It's funny how no one heard this crime happen. I also thought it was kinda strange that he just went back in the house and called the police to report a body lying in the street? What the.... Then just leave her out there while he sits in his house emotionless? That to me does not sound like he was her boyfriend or even a stranger for that matter. He wasn't out there trying to bring her back to life or even hold her or shed a tear he left her out there like he didn't care one bit about her. Whats up with that........ He's definitely not all there. Heartless Bast#@$ I'll keep this young women's family in my prayers

On Woman Stabbed to Death on Westside

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