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Posted on October 10 at 11:55 a.m.

The funniest story in weeks. The guy lets call him Cheap Charlie is prying up a floor board versus cutting it with a sawzall. He is too cheap to hire a guy from the wall who knows how it is done right so he decides to save the $120 and do it himself. Then he hits himself in the head with the board. Being the Cheap Charlie he thinks I will save the $100 deductible for the ambulance so he starts driving and crashes and totals his car. Now he has the ambulance fee, the ER fee, the hospilization fee, the car deductible and the loss of value to the car since it is now totalled. Smart move saving that $120 for a day laborer - Cheap don't always win out. And it is even funnier as I write it out.

On Man Rolls Truck While Driving Self to Hospital

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