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Posted on January 22 at 6:39 p.m.

I hope you really can get a feel for how hard it is to live in your car, with out a bathroom, or being able to lay flat to get sleep, also, with fear, threat of a citation because it is illegal to sleep in your car, it won't be too hard for you because your not doing it with children like I had to do,. when my husband walked out on us and refused to pay child support, me and my girls were on our own, we were sleeping in my car, my two tweens and a 6 week old baby, and our dog, I was creative in my mothering /survival skllls, I joined the YMCA, so we could do homework and shower as well as fill in the void for activity time, they had a microwave so I would by cheap microwavable meals and we would share them but they were hot, if not for assistance we wouldn't have made it , I do not have family it was us alone out there, and all I knew was how to be a wife,mother, and a homemaker, Thank God for the food we were able to receive from federal food programs, now we pay it forward!

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