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Posted on September 14 at 9:35 a.m.

Is this commentary a satire? I'd guess not, since defending this crude hackjob of a film reads in a similar vein to much of the Tea Party based demagoguery.

On Game-Changer for Republican Campaign

Posted on May 3 at 2:25 p.m.

Remember this is a federally-pressured state initiative violation type thing. Prop 215 does not allow for-profit storefronts, and whatever the motivation for timing the statewide sweeps, this is the MO. A sure solution for removing the ambiguity is approval of a tax and regulate law. Sure, there would still be a fed vs. state rights possible clash, but that can be more rigidly grounded, and may force a more thorough reexamination of federal laws as applied to state jurisdictions.

On Details Released on Medical Marijuana Crackdown

Posted on June 15 at 2:12 a.m.

@ KenC,

Frankly, your comments may be poetic, but absolutely worthless in the face of facts. It reads as the same tripe that social conservatives spouted as the reason for building more prisons as the solution to all of society's "moral" issues, dating back 10-15 years ago when that was a popular hook. Out of date, out of touch, and simply wrong.

The origin of the drug prohibition laws had nothing whatsoever to do with the fairy tale addiction theory you propose. They were rooted in racism and ignorance and proved popular to support as a means for politicians to score votes as moral crusaders against a public fearful of a growing immigrant population. This is an historical fact. Their continued support for slightly different reasons has continued to do massive damage well beyond that of the physical damage due to the use of the substances themselves.

Drugs and alcohol frowned upon by healthy individuals? Really? Where do you get your facts from?

The fact is that every major study of drug policy conducted over the last 100 years has concluded that the continued pursuit of prohibitionist policies are not only ineffective and hopeless as a means of damage control but cause more harm in themselves than the use of the drugs could ever cause.

On The War on Drugs 40 Years Later

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