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Posted on September 19 at 8:45 a.m.

Interesting that the only "approved mural" is on a restaurant owned by a city council member. Maybe the brothers should slip some cash to the HLC and city council before August. Keep Gator Boy!

On Cajun Kitchen Rallies to Save 'Gator Boy'

Posted on July 6 at 5:14 a.m.

I know this isn't directly related but I live in an area with horse trails, including the street and bike lanes. Is it ethical? moral? hygienic? or safe to leave significant mounds of manure for bicyclists, walkers, joggers and parents with strollers to contend with. Is there an ordinance?

On The Ethical Dog Owner

Posted on September 24 at 10:04 a.m.

Frank I know you are a politician and don't want to be bothered with the facts but you should take a look at some of the statistics (actual numbers) produced by your own departments, funded by you 'er us. Common Ground has some facts I'm sure you don't want to see. You are very good at sensationalizing and generalizing...starting with the Urban Traveler (hippie) to the passive dysfunctional. I'd also like to know what is passive about being dysfunctional...that they are out of your sight or that you can't see or imagine the internal terror?

I had the privilege of volunteering with Transition House and wonder why no mention of them, they are the model you espouse, how about a mil or two instead of brick crosswalks? Or The Hotel de Riviera or Salvation Army Center or the Sober Station for that matter. All models that have proven successful.

If you want to know why we have the mentally ill on the streets Reagan set them loose. I have a cousin who was in Norwalk Mental Hospital when Then Governor Reagan shut them all down. My cousin was lucky he has family. Many didn't and were left to fend for themselves on the streets. Maybe your bum on the bench should have figured out a profit model for psychiatric hospitals. Maybe you and Randy should figure that out while you are living off the government. Maybe the other guy is the investment banker who bribed the politician and put the bum on the bench?

On Can We Help People Living on Our Streets?

Posted on March 6 at 7:46 a.m.

This is reminiscent of B-1 Bob Dornan's law suit against Loretta Sanchez in Orange County. B-1 Bob, the golden boy of Orange County's John Birch society lost to a Latina of all people and sued for some frivolous reason as well. The difference is when he lost his republican cronies in D.C. finagled a way for the taxpayers to pay his legal costs of over $250k. Here it just seems Cappello has another sucker. As for the local republicans to give their opinion good luck, this might be one reason the national committee wants them to keep their money local, Barry runs up the tab real quick.

On ‘Last Gasp of a Desperate Litigant’?

Posted on February 9 at 6:01 a.m.

BC "After all, by their own admission, the new laws they're proposing aren't enough, but apparently they're willing for more people to die before unleashing their full agenda."

You are right about that Bill more people will die so that you terrible marksmen can have your automatic weapons to hunt deer? Or dogs? Or...?

Also, I'd like to know how people like AZ2SB know what Ms. Boxer owns?

On Jackson Introducing Bill to Ban Specific Shotgun

Posted on April 24 at 7:04 a.m.

Happy Birthday and many more! This is definitely my favorite ribs place in California. There is one that comes close in Bakersfield but I think Woody's is the best! The staff has always been friendly, the food delicious and the prices great. No wonder they have done so well. Congratulations Gino and Kim!

On How Much Rib Would a Woody’s BBQ?

Posted on September 30 at 6:34 a.m.

Another Parks and Rec mismanagement debacle. It is disgusting that these services go while we pay ludicrous salary's and contract wages for this little empire. It would be interesting to see what that $34k reduced? Summer camp equipment, facilities maintenance? Did Nancy once work in Bell? As for the new occupants you might see a Randy Rowse restaurant go in, probably at $10k yr for rent. Let's see, $2.2 mil to restore De La Guerra Plaza, $1.2 mil to restore the library lawn or fund $100k a year for healthy alternatives for our youth? It's your vote SB.
God Bless the Pommiers.

On Primo Boxing: Down but Not Out

Posted on August 31 at 6:10 a.m.

Thanks Bill. It also occurred to me that if the parents are really concerned they should steer their potential Gay child to become right wing politicians or ministers then they can try to hide it by openly bashing gays while playing footsy. Or maybe be like the grandmother last year who thought her Jr. High granddaughter should not hear about such things until she was in College!

This article is very offensive to me. First, as a parent I have learned unconditional love from and for my children. How christian to kick them out on the street. The worst kind of hate is that which comes in the guise of kindness or loving concern.

This is the only article I've read of hers past the headline and will be the last. I wish you a pristine neat little life...and be careful of those almost gays out there.

On What If My Kid's Gay?

Posted on August 18 at 7:04 a.m.

We need that money to spend on the library plaza($1.2 mil) and De La Guerra Plaza ($2.5 mil) and how much else for other projects in the works. Of course we can't keep the library open to the public and city hall can't provide services 5 days a week but who needs them open anyway? Just those pesky citizens that bother our council in open meetings, and certainly the schools don't need it!

On Das and Dale Duel Long Distance

Posted on August 16 at 7:26 a.m.

I copied this from another source...

Suzanne Riordan, executive director of Families ACT!, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families of people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders, said mental illness is larger than a law enforcement issue.

“As family members with members struggling with mental health challenges, this story moves us deeply,” Riordan said in a statement.

Instead of calling mental health professionals before the crisis happens, police are often called in the midst of the crisis, said Riordan, adding that law enforcement is designed to deal with crime, not mental illness.

“When the mental hospitals were closed, the promised community mental health facilities were not funded, and our own community hospitals abdicated responsibility for admitting the mentally ill and addicted,” she said. “A vacuum was created that has come to be filled with Tasers and cops.” Those results are often tragic, she said.

“It is not fair to saddle law enforcement with the job of addressing untreated mental illness,” said Riordan, adding that funding treatment facilities would save money and lives in the long run.

On Man Dies After Bizarre Incident at New Faulding Hotel

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