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Posted on May 23 at 6:49 a.m.

Sounds like an early version of the Tea Party

On John Birch Society

Posted on July 30 at 8:06 a.m.

I don’t understand the cop haters? You must have blinders on if you can’t see a good, decent honest cop that stands up for what is the truth rather than manipulate the facts to get personal gain. Frank Mannix is honest, fair and a genuinely good person, like most of the people he works with. If there were problems you can trust he will let us know and do his utmost to resolve them. His motives are solely for the benefit of the community. Just like any other entity in this economy, his can use more money, but he is not going to lie to get it or manipulate the facts for personal reward. If SBB&T or Pacific Bank Corp (whoever they are) would have run their entity with the same motives our “hometown” bank would not be owned by a Texan. But that is a different kind of crime.

It would be nice to see some recognition from the bashers that all cops are not bad and that in fact they are doing a great job protecting us, our community and our children with the limited resources they have. Thank you Officer Mannix for telling the truth..

On Cherry Picking Crime Stats

Posted on March 31 at 9:17 a.m.

Bravo Brent!! It is one more example of how the insurance companies have no interest in health care and how the insurance commissioner is in their pocket. I guess we should thank Blue Cross/Anthem as they continue to help the cause by being so blatant. We need more crusaders like Brent, thanks for sticking your neck out. I hope your CLU buddies rally round and help in this fight

On Gamer or Crusader?

Posted on March 13 at 11:33 a.m.

Maximum, the only people I hear clamoring as loud as you are homophobic, are you comfortable with your own sexuality? Take a look at what sexual repression has done to the Catholic Church and lack of education has done to the STD and pregnancy growth rate.

Interesting subject but the point I got was why, in this country that was built on religious and ideological freedom, do we allow groups to demand that we all believe the same way? What freedom are we sending those boys and girls off to war for? Someone’s profit and the right to impose religious dominance?

The strength of this country is that we are a melting pot and our success depends on our ability to take advantage of the need to work together to maintain the high ideals and goals of our forefathers. This country was not based on the belief that we must all be white, 6’2”, blue eyed blondes, another country has already tried that and it doesn’t work.
We are still an experiment as a social model in history’s eyes and I hope we can find the tolerance necessary to continue to grow.

Thanks Barney, great job.

On No Doubts, Boy Scouts

Posted on January 14 at 2:10 p.m.

I wonder how much the Board and 5 top officers are making? Or how much in bonuses were paid out?

On Pacific Capital Shuts Out Retirees

Posted on December 2 at 9:31 a.m.

goggled recall judge and got
The California Governor, best known for bringing the Recall to California, Govenor Hiram Johnson put it best.

"How best can we arm the people to protect themselves?" His answer was clear: "The initiative and referendum would permit new reforms and the precautionary measure by which a recalcitrant official can be removed is designated the 'Recall.'"
Websters Dictionary Defines Recalcitrant as: obstinately defiant of authority or restraint; difficult to manage or operate b: not responsive: Synonym - UNRULY
The California Constitution requires no malfeasance: "Sufficiency of reason is not reviewable."

I emailed for some help to set up a recall campaign. It's been a long time but after watching the Presidents speech last night I wondered what I could do. Didn't know the answer would come this fast. Energy to recall this guy seems much better spent than worrying about cell towers or paved v. non-paved pathways

On Sex Is Not a Sport

Posted on April 24 at 10:14 a.m.

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On None

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