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Posted on July 14 at 1:14 p.m.

the teamsters new campaign makes sense. the news-press makes its money thru it's advertisers. it's been a long two years since the meltdown. with out this type of actions it will never get resolved. the advertisers should step up and support it's community and stop advertising so that the news-press does the right thing, instead of dragging this longer and longer. plus the union has been asking for the cancellation of the paper and it has been asking advertisers (politely) to stop doing business with that opinion/biased news paper. since day one. the advertisers are funding the news-press mess and they need to stop...

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Posted on May 28 at 7:52 p.m.

I believe this is the first victory the News-Press. But this does not change the the actual ruling judge kocol did. it just delays justice for the reporters. This was simply an attempt by the NLRB to reinstate them while the News-press appeals the real ruling. So lets not think the reporters have lost. this was a hearing to reinstate them not a re-trial of kocol's decision.

On Fired Reporters Denied Immediate Reinstatement at <em>News-Press</em>

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