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Posted on November 17 at 1 a.m.

It is the DA's office which should be legally drawn and quartered in this matter. Joyce Dudley, unable to incarcerate this man constitutionally, had him held in the County jail 400 days in the general jail population at age 67 charged with child molestation - using an ICE hold as a really cheesy excuse to hold him - one of her gophers telling his family they could 'hold him indefinitely' - only to find a jury unable to convict, So what does this Dudley DoRight do ? She and her pal Auchincloss cook up a charge of 'false imprisonment' ( apparently rubbing balsamic ointment on one's young granddaughter's stomach after she's been kicked in the stomach by her unruly brother constitutes 'false imprisonment'), dismissing the child molestation charge, and using the false imprisonment charge to preserve her 'perfect record'. (You cannot make this stuff up). Then, when things seem to be really going South for our pal, she calls in ICE so she can then say 'Well, I had no control over the situation'. She should be fired on the spot for malfeasance in office. She and her shuck and jive boy prosecutor, Ben Ladinig, are running around touting that the jury was 9-3 in favor of conviction. In fact, the jury was 8-4, reportedly, against conviction, until one jury member, a Salvation Army officer, gave a fire and brimstone sermon on the evil in us all.

On Montecito Church Employee Sentenced for False Imprisonment

Posted on October 1 at 12:51 p.m.

It was 8-4 for acquittal. If anyone who is reasonably intelligent listened to the entire trial it was a slam dunk for acquittal. Ladinig the prosecutor actually told the jury that any touching albeit for the purpose of administering balsamic ointment only is a felony. I heard him say it. Under his theory all babysitters could go to jail for eight years. What an absolute load. We need a new DA who doesn't have an obsession.

On Jury Deadlocks In Montecito Church Employee Trial

Posted on March 11 at 5:27 a.m.

".....that he learns not to be alone with children...?"

He was babysitting his own grandchildren, who were dropped off at his house in Santa Barbara by their parent(s), who live in Santa Maria.

While in jail Carlos has been conducting a Bible study group. It reportedly includes 20 participants.

He was in jail for over 160 days before he had a preliminary hearing, which was March 5. Why ? Ask the district attorney. Ask the Santa Barbara Police Department.

Where are the other local 'journ-o-lists' on this matter ? The oldest daily newspaper in town has known about it for weeks.

Why has he not been given a habeas corpus hearing ?

It seems the people of All Saints by the Sea and others who have supported this man, as well as paid for his defense, should be publicly accorded the appreciation of the broader immigrant community as well as the local community. It has been reported some $20,000.00 has already been spent in Carlos' defense and an additional $30,000.00 is estimated. Donations are being accepted. The church has continued to pay his salary and members have left money in his county jail account.

On Church Unites Around Embattled Employee

Posted on November 5 at 12:15 a.m.

Lois "Botox" Capps, a walking Sphinx, with her stretched 70-year-old ( same age and face as Pelosi ) face, the nurse who loves abortions, arrived in her PC Prius at a black church in Oxnard last fall surrounded by 40 armed cops to speak to a group of 200 elderly constituents who were constantly being "hush" -ed by her bodyguard, the retired Lib. editor of the Ventura Star, a guy named Gallagher. What a jerk. She was unable to speak and merely gurgled. What a contrast to the capable Mr. Watson, a Topgun graduate and third generation Naval Academy graduate, having to ask a bunch of disrespectful IV twerps for their votes. He probably could kick the ass of any ten of you geeks with one hand tied behind his back and 20 years on you. Up your collective attitudes.

On Watson Claiming Potential Voter Fraud

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