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Posted on March 23 at 9:29 p.m.

I keep hearing people complaint saying that there's nothing for our youth to do in Goleta . Silvia is giving us here many good examples of all the positive things that youngsters (and adults) can do to entertain themselves.

No matter what the I.V. crowd tells you, a young person can have fun with activities that don't include sex, alcohol, or drugs. You just need a little imagination.

On Springtime for Goleta

Posted on March 18 at 9:31 a.m.

Taz: You're right. There's no religion without a god. However, God doesn't need a religion to exist. Whether we parttake, believe or proclame a religion is independent from the existance of God.

Different religions were made according to human preference and to facilitate communication among those who share the specific values of each religion. All religions are supposed to have: a god, have good values and teach the "word of God", but this doesn't always happen. Manipulative and, at times, God-disregarding humans run those organizations, and as humans we are in different degrees greedy, manipulative, power-hungry, etc.

I find it a bit short-sighted, immature, frankly childish, when people so easily conclude that God and religion are the same, and when they get desilussioned from a religion, and because of it, they get mad at God.

Did they place their faith in God, or in those human beings running religions? If they placed their "faith" in a religion, this was their mistake, and no one else is to blame.

God exists, and he lives in each one of us, unless we choose to get away from him.

Trying to convince people that God doesn't exist is as disingenious and manipulative as the religious practices that are being critized here.

As for the group that this speaker is forming via the internet, it is the perfect example of how religions formed then and continue to form, now with the help of technology. Let's hope that he, and his followers, are not as manipulative, disingenious, and mean spirited as those who he so readily condemns.

On Atheism is...

Posted on February 1 at 9:19 a.m.

Go Joyce!

On Cops Endorse Dudley for DA

Posted on January 6 at 4:10 p.m.

I'm so glad you did this. I hope that the feeling you got won't stop being present after the holidays and that it becomes a real call to action as opposed to a one-time good-doer, good writer type of thing.

In order to create a habit in your children, as you know, you need to be persistent, and giving your time to others is not the exception to the rule.

I disagree with you on one thing: helping/serving others is not a tradition, but a way of living. I see it as an instinct that we need to dig out from inside us and from inside our children, because we're good at buring it. It just takes a little effort in the beginning.

There are many moments and many people every day that we can serve. We just need to make the decision to do it.

On The Getting from Giving

Posted on September 3 at 1:08 p.m.

It is horrible that people's greed can go as far as hurting couples with their desire to have a child. Prospective adoptive parents place their heart and soul in bringing a child to their family to give him/her all they love they're capable of giving. This is a mere act of love and for someone to turn that against these people is inhuman. This guy deserves to go to prison for the rest of his life.

As for the couples that want to adopt, I hope they realize that they don't need to go that far away to adopt a child. There are many children in our own country that lack a home, a family and the love they need to grow up happy. Children without a family, locally, suffer too. Many times couples want children to look just like them, or to have certain physical attributes. Frequently, this fact makes them vulnerable, and puts them in the hands of non-scrupulous individuals that will greately profit from those requests and will leave them in the dust, as this individual did.

No matter their looks, children have amazing capabilities of giving unconditional love back to their parents, adoptive or biological, no matter how they look. Also, the fact that a child needs to look like his/her parents to better adapt to the new family is a myth. Children learn to be confident about being adopted when their parents are confident about the adoption. Looks are the least important thing.

My heart goes out to these families and I hope that others may learn the lesson without having to go through it.

On The False Prophet of Adoption

Posted on September 3 at 12:17 p.m.

I'm glad that this editorial puts the issues in black and white, so everyone can understand the complexity of this meassure.

Those politicians and candidates who are for it probably don't even understand the possible future consequences that this measure could have on our city, if it passes. They are just parrots for organizations and particular interests who would give them money for their campaigns. Those who abstein to give an opinion, just want to play it safe, but don't have the best interest of the community at heart either. That's sad.

Kudos to the Independent for bringing this measure out of the closet and to the forefront of voters' attention.

On Vote No on Measure B

Posted on August 14 at 9:49 a.m.

Maven12 -
You're far from being a theorist on anything, let alone on conspiracy. Now, with two of the best and most popular candidates - Falcone and Uribe - out of the race, you should ask yourself who these departures benefit most and then you will be able to see which campaings might have felt threatened by those candidates. That's how conspiracies work.

Iya didn't have to 'save face' with all the support she was able to gather since very early in the campaign.

On Falcone Disqualified

Posted on August 12 at 7:35 p.m.

Uribe's leaving the race is a sad thing for many people who, like me, believe that she would make a great council member. She is a smart, practical thinker whose ideas and problem solving abilities would have also convinced those who didn't know her.

I've worked with her in different projects and I've been impressed with the maturity and experience that she brings to the table. She is one of those rare people that when she speaks others - young and old - follow, because she speaks with reason.

She was running a great campaign too, doing things the right way and picking up lots of steam and the support she needed to win a seat.

Nick, I'm surprised that you included mal-intended and sensational rumors in your column. Leave that to pseudo reporters like Josh Molina, from the Daily Sound. You're way better than that.

At any rate, I hope that Olivia will take this as a bump on the road and that she will come back stronger than ever.

Olivia, we will wait for you. Come back soon.

On Garrett Runs for Mayor

Posted on August 3 at 12:46 p.m.

I think I know exactly what you mean because the same has happened to me before. Although I've also doubted myself, the joy I feel makes me believe that it is all true. Thank you for your beautiful column that is not only very well written, but it also validates my experience.

On Surfing with Dolphins

Posted on July 6 at 11:54 a.m.

What a sour comment! Sometimes, people don't like anything because of the bitter taste of their own mouth.

As always, there's a good and a bad to everything. For those who pay attention, the column focuses on the variety and the price of the food, and on whatever else is good about Goleta. Thank God for positive perspectives!

On None

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