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Posted on September 17 at noon

I'm truly shocked about the opinions I read above. First I was a EF student this year and last year too and I know how the housing situation is. It's very bad. The houses I got were dirty and the host-mother I stayed at has never talked to me for the four weeks I spent at her house!
But the point is that I don't blame all the hostfamilies in Santa Barbara. I think you can't blame such things on all of them. That's just not fair as it is not fair to say all foreign students are bullies, thiefs and make everything dirty. I think there are a lot of very careful, nice families out there in santa barbara!

Finally I have to say that I'm glad that there are still a lot of open-minded families in SB, who are willing to welcome new students to their homes. I'm truly sorry for those families who got students who were violent and stuff. But as I said, the majority of EF's students aren't! I thought America was a melting pot and the people are very open-minded, but when I read the comments above I have to say that I'm not sure anymore, wether the people are as friendly as I thought!

On Student Objects to Housing Provided by EF School

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