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Posted on November 5 at 12:29 a.m.

I apologize for not being more articulate in that the oceans amount to 97% of all water on earth and yes it was the Cretaceous period that was wiped out by the Kt event. The surface of the planet is approximately 29.2% and the ocean surface 70%. The GIS information on the Northern Hemisphere shows a dip in 2006 and 2010 in ice extent, which is the other edge; which are artifacts of the sea ice concentrations. This has to do with warm water.
As far as the CO2 emissions and fossil fuels, the relationship between land uses and atmospheric gasses and ocean mist in GIS data is well documented. We have sulfur, chlorine and sodium chloride gases that are natural extensions of the vast sea floor volcanoes and the ocean mist. Blaming cars and not the including the planet is bad science.
So what if people are influencing the planet. It has recovered from worse disasters. Be responsible, we are not going to be here forever. That’s arrogant and selfish. As if we could influence a planet that has been hit by a comet and large meteors and survived. Go look at the moon.

Plant a garden.

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Posted on November 4 at 11:40 a.m.

If you ignore the science of topography and geology it is easy to think that people can somehow influence the planet. The Crustaceous period ended about 66.5 million years ago. There were ice ages then and gigantic animals roamed the planet until the Kt event.
We are at the ending of the retreat of the ice caps and glaciers; this event occurs every 12 -14 thousand years. We are due for an ice age. Once enough fresh water is introduced into the ocean to interrupt the warm waters from moving north to melt the Northern Hemisphere ice in the summer (the ice layer has been increasing since 2006) and the Southern Hemisphere (where the ice sheet is melting on one side and growing on the other.) The volcanic vents in both of these areas have much to do with the water temperature, which transfers heat. This is known as heat transfer coefficient and water has the highest thermal conduction rate air has one of the lowest.
That being said, all the global warming models that won Al Gore his Noble Prize left out the Earth’s oceans from their models. The Ocean’s being 97% of the topography of the earth and the major force in weather.
In conclusion, why water grass; most all of our water is used for grass, if you can water food that you can consume? Making a healthy garden without pesticides is preferable; or as few as possible as a last resort is a responsible business decision. Edible gardens and canning are very smart alternative to buying expensive questionable organic foods.
Start your own biology, zoology, entomology project by getting your gardens ready now. You will be surprised to see what you can grow in our zone now. Try some new foods from your garden and get some exercise too. Plant your perennials with your vegetables to attract the insects that will eat your pests pollinate your garden or give your pests something else to wonder over to. Have fun, the world is not going to end. But you should back out in the garden with Heirloom, not genetically modified food.
Have fun getting dirty.

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Posted on October 14 at 4:20 p.m.

As interesting as the article for extremely poor world historians, the part about no boarders and sharing all your stuff and talent without reciprocity and that out of 196 countries in the world, McDonalds has yet to help bring world peace; they have 80 to go, they are in 119 countries and none of them have been at war since their first international venture is a simpletons view; read between the lines, since they got a McDonalds.

Let’s start by taking down all the barbed wire across America and all the neighborhood fences. So since 1967 no country with a McDonalds has gone to war against each other. What about the wars in counties that we have veterans from that now that have gotten a McDonalds since? For that matter, all the other countries that have changed names, that went to war and the got a McDonalds latter?

Forget the War for Independence, WWI, WWII and don’t be afraid of the countries that do not separated religion from politics at all.

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Posted on October 14 at 3:48 p.m.

I think you need to be less emotional and look at the statistical information on the traffic accident frequency rates and DUI offenses on the 154 HWY and where the money is really coming from to patrol the 154 HWY. So this is not income driven, as far as insurance companies go. They decide when you are an adult based on the same statistical information and they quantify it by discrete age demographics. You are considered an adult at the age of 25 years, when you get that first insurance reduction after being a good student.
Parking enforcement is where all the money is for cities and counties because they get all the money. Don’t think that your speeding ticket even pays for itself, by the time it has gone through all the administrative channels of distribution, there is little money left for the state.
The 154 HWY is dangerous; people don’t even turn on their headlights. Tickets could be written for that all day. The grants to reduce accidents are aimed at the primary collision factors and causes of injury. So slow down and turn on your lights, plan ahead too, because there may be a delay from a wreck.

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Posted on August 19 at 11:29 a.m.

If you knew your news that place has a history.

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Posted on August 17 at 1:42 p.m.

It was so very polite of the sharks to arrive on time for the Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Thank you shark watchers! The tourists have to love it. The reef ball guys should get inspired. The science, “stuff” that started out 25 – 30 years ago, it was stuff that became science. So Chris and everyone, look at the sharks and how they got here with a permit less start. The sharks are protected now and the no permit stuff that built the science to get them protected was started by guys like you. Stay hungry for the ocean and curious to help understand it. Stay in school to get your PhD. Maybe you will be on TV too?

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Posted on August 4 at 12:44 p.m.

I have free dove the Caribbean tourist ocean wastelands, where old engine blocks serve as mooring anchors for the swimming nets, to keep Jet Ski out of swim zones. The dual unintended luxury of those engine blocks is housing for exotic rare fish. In the early morning hours you can see some of the rarest of the Caribbean fish hiding in the cylinder blocks of these engines. If you swim the yellow nylon buoy line following the engine blocks you discover the quantity and quality of fishes living and hiding among them is amazing. Therefore, it would be hard to argue against these benign cement reefs.
A permit in California, no doubt a slothful way to go about something such as this and unfortunate that volunteers and private funds were used. The lesson for researchers, the state, the feds, and environmentalists is not to spend public money investigating this as a crime, rather to emulate this agriculture on a larger scale. People that spend time under water, classically trained or expert from time spend paying attention should be heard. This is a simple, inexpensive and sturdy small reef. The reef ball, bell, honeycomb, labyrinth is what small fish and octopus look for in nature. The problem is the permit? The Federal Government has allowed first timers a pass.
The next project I am looking to follow over the years is the Ocean Meadows Golf Course being dug up to allow water in to reestablish a wetland. In synchronicity to that they are trying to save Goleta Beach. I don’t think that we have a whole approach to viewing our coastal issues geologically, meteorologically or from the stand point of oceanography. If we did maybe we would better be able to understand the marine biology issues. The planning in this county is very poor because the denial factors are so high in the top three mentioned sciences.
Special interest groups have zero influence over geology, meteorology and oceanography. So they shift focus to under water development. They speak very little about El Nino and La Nina. The life and death of the kelp forest, the mover of fish, the drought breaker and flood maker. What a great diversion from science and basic ocean habit. We ask ranchers to leave small branches from fallen trees to create habitat for birds and small mammals. They get to take the rest of the fallen tree.
Check the materials used by these guys on the (2) prototypes. That an enormous amount of study needs to be done is untrue. There are plenty of documented underwater models to look at. This is a benign experiment. Too bad that these young men did not have mentor; like UCSB to help them, even now. However, because someone without a PhD didn’t figure it out, slim chance on that happening now.

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Posted on March 26 at 9 p.m.

Rice man. You are the end user and a tax collector. That has nothing to do with the fact that SCE is over in China making solar panels, using coal powered electric plants and dams. The bigger picture is the national debt and who owns it. In 1960 out national debt was fewer than 300 billion dollars. This administration has dropped that much money, our money, on a project called Solindra. That makes me sick. You drove a truck to work, can't haul or tow that stuff in a Prius. Who are we buying this stuff from? They are hiring way more people making it than the small number of people putting it together. How about the people that made the factory? The masons, framers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters, to name a few that are not in IT&T. So who has the higher employment?

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Posted on March 26 at 3:33 p.m.

While we look around for an alternative, other nations will use the recourses that drive the global machine. They will use petroleum were they can find it, coal, wood, nuclear, natural gases and whatever energy they can from dams. So they will make your solar panels, wind turbines, and other “green energy goods” because you’re a good customer and you want to save money. Meanwhile we will be out of jobs and way behind as our national debt buries us. We are at 15 trillion dollars in debt and still counting.

The emergency that no one seems to be talking about is that we owe international interests 5.1 trillion dollars. An alarming third of the debt is not carried by us. Get to work with the fuels we have, making them cleaner burning and more cost effective, so that America can get out of debt with the resources that she already has. Quit devaluing our money and the country with the 500 billion dollar experiments that go bankrupt trying to make fire.

On Amory Lovins on Big Cars, Hidden Costs, and Inefficient Energy

Posted on March 16 at 1:28 p.m.

The “Surfrider reps” interviewed “the company”, what company? If you owned a large truck you could sort all your recyclables and take the directly to the docks in San Francisco and get top dollar for paper, cardboard, plastics bags, plastic bottles, your aluminum cans and all your glass bottles. The plastic that bags are made from is a first use malleable and fine material. It is recycled to make resin chairs, buckets, shovel handles and so on. The government does not need to make a law were common sense should prevail. This is politics and fundamental environmental socialism. If you won’t do it we will make a law that forbids you a choice. The right to engage in commerce should not be interfered with by PAC’s or City Hall. The people should be responsible. This is unlawful to the commerce laws of the State of California and the State Constitution. They cannot regulate the transfer of non-hazardous materials, that being food and sundry items, from a retailer to a customer unless the Federal law mandates it. Wooden box, cardboard box, paper bag, plastic bag or your cooler, it should be your retailers choice, not the governments.

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