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Posted on September 15 at 2:10 p.m.

I'd like to clarify that many lesbian relationships focus on love, healthy emotions, sharing and support, NOT the abusive, emotionally draining, immature traits that the author tries to generalize for an entire population. Actually, many same-sex relationships have the same joys and blunders as every other type of relationship...Remember? We are fighting for equality these days. Let's not make it seem like we are any more freakish than our heterosexual pals. Dear columnist, please refrain from making damaging, stereotypical comments about lesbians. My life has not been littered with lesbian relationship "horrors." In fact the women I have dated have been caring, loving and have helped me grow. Stick to your own present and past experiences...and clearly note them as so by refraining from writing in the second person. If you need/expect abuse and craziness in your relationships then write about YOU...not us/we. Thanks.

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