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Posted on September 17 at 9:16 p.m.

I'm writing this letter not as a Democrat, Republican or Independent, or representing any political party; I'm writing this letter as an "American." Whether you're black, white, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, believer or non-believer, Gay, Lesbian, young, old, rich, poor, pro-choice or pro-life, if you're an "American" and you love this country, l urgently appeal to you to go and see the movie "Obama's 2016" before you go to the polls on November 6th. This is a film that every single tried and true American, regardless of economic status, religious or political beliefs, owes it to themselves and to their fellow Americans to see. "Obama's 2016" is not a propaganda film as some believe, but a "documentary" based on the very writings of President Obama himself from his book "Dreams From My Father," interviews with his family members, people who know him and knew his his father, and interviews with top economists and scholars. The documentary clearly and concisely lays out Obama's political and economic agenda based on his own beliefs - not only for America but for the world, and his agenda goes far beyond anything that most people could ever even imagine. You'll gain a very clear understanding of how Obama's agenda is already at work in relationship to everything that we see happening today in the United States and abroad, and where his agenda will take our nation as a whole. For many of you this documentary will render you speechless and others will not be able to stop talking, but I can guarantee that what is brought to the forefront in this film will profoundly impact all who see it. I urge every Patriotic American to leave their party loyalties and politics, intolerance and indifference at the door, and go and see this film strictly as an "American" for America. If you intend to go to the polls on November 6th, you owe it your children, grandchildren and everyone you care about to see this film before you cast your vote. If you don't intend to vote or are not registered to vote, I urge you to see this film and vote. My appeal goes out most urgently to the younger citizens of this nation, as your future will be the most severely impacted as an American citizen by the results of the upcoming election, and you will clearly understand why the outcome of this election, and not the 2008 election, may go down in history as the single most important election in the history of the United States in deciding the fate of our nation. After you see this film, you'll understand what I mean when I say that for me, after seeing "Obama's 2106," all of the "issues" - every single one of them, party loyalty and politics are no longer the driving force behind how I will cast my vote on November 6th. This is an election where every single American who loves this country and what it stands for should NOT be voting "for" a candidate but "against" a candidate.

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