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Posted on July 1 at 5:04 p.m.

For those who want to donate directly to Sean Misner Memorial Fund you can follow the link below.

The Sean Misner Memorial Fund will help support Sean Misner's family, specifically to help his wife Amanda begin an education fund for their son Jaxon. All donations will help support Jaxon and his future. Please consider honoring a fallen hero by making a donation to this fund.

On Santa Ynez Firefighter Killed in Arizona Blaze

Posted on April 22 at 9:43 a.m.

I’m so happy the Independent has caught wind of this, although this blurb just doesn’t do the play justice.

This show has spiritual glow, not saying that it got heavy with religion or anything, but it just feels so intimate sitting inside of the Rubicon Theater that was once a place of worship. You can feel the connection the cast has with each other and with the energy of the audience.

This is a play for someone that not only has a fondness for folk, but an inner musician /singer that’s been too shy to break out. This is an interactive play where you learn very quickly that crowd participation becomes a key role. Weather you grew up with folk music in the house or not, you feel nostalgic singing along with the cast of Lonesome Traveler.

Not only does this play shed light on the ‘history that made the music, and the music that made history’, but it is also a revival of folk by getting back to the heart of the matter and shedding light on contemporary folk artists, such as: Justine Bennett, who plays the role of Joan Baez and Brendan Willing James, who plays Woody Guthrie. They are pure singer-songwriters that fell into the theater world by mere happenstance. Justine Bennet & B. Willing James are folk at the core and spend a good amount of time playing locally. You can catch them performing their original music at Zoey’s in Ventura on a regular basis and or at Blue Agave Upstairs, right here in Santa Barbara on Wednesday, May 18th.

Real music speaks the truth and keeps it simple, because that’s all we are, simple human beings surviving a series of obstacles that want to share and relate our experiences.
...So enough said, go see this play and help bring back appreciation of our musical heritage and help keep it alive by supporting the musicians that carry the torch.

Thank you Jim O'Neil for actively bringing folk history to the public!

On <em>Lonesome Traveler</em> Opens at the Rubicon

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