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Posted on April 25 at 1:41 p.m.

Dear Santa Barbara,
I moved away ten years back, after being a second generation, plus my sons made it 3rd. So I feel to speak to this matter..
"No way on the Target SuperStore" It is not Peseio Noevo & remember when we spoke up about that,
The total Charm of SB, is not to be lost on the Mega Cheep China child slave
Produced Products that will only create more for your Landfill.
Please "Remeber" what a gift it is to live there, hold on to its CHARM ward off the greed of Mega Stores& there WASTE!

On Targeting Goleta Target

Posted on May 2 at 2:25 p.m.

Our State voted in "The Compassionate Act" and there are people who have been Legitimately prescribed there Medical Cannabis Card for Illness, Now what should they go back to the
Opium produced pills that are totally ADDICTIVE, cause future harm to there internal organs. Just a week after they released the 1st ever Cannabis Vending Machine in Santa Ana too well dont look for one in SB.I thought everyone was coming together on this, as a healing thing. So was this a "bad Clinic" I wonder.
I truly hope there is a big picture here,it is just a weed with healing proprieties. Never a death reported because of it.

On Dispensary Raided

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