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Posted on June 27 at 6:21 a.m.

I fully agree that this was an important case. the pro-Israeli story has dominated the discussion up to now. The pro-Israeli lobby is willing to shred free speech to prevent the American public from knowing the truth. Had Professor Robinson lost this case the attack of academic free speech would only have intensified.

It is important that Professor Robinson files a grievance over this matter, as apparently he will. The University acted badly in this case and appears to have violated their own policies in this matter. It is critical that Universities not knuckle under to the pro-Israeli lobby.

On Robinson Cleared by UCSB Academic Senate

Posted on June 25 at 9:59 a.m.

What wonderful news about Professor Robinson. this was a hatchet job by organizations that don't believe the Constitution, or the rules that govern academics at UCSB applies to them. Fortunately, it looks like justice prevails. A full apology to Professor Robinson is in order, and a commitment by the University to respect the academic freedom of their professors is also in order. The administration should reassure the other professors that they need not fear pressure groups as they teach their students.

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Posted on June 24 at 6:27 p.m.

To Justice:

I won't give it up ever. As a Jewish-American, I am ashamed of the treatment of a fellow Jew, Professor Robinson by so called Jewish organizations who are supposed to protect civil rights, but have turned into mouth pieces for the Israeli government. My post said nothing critical about Israel, though I am a critic of Israel. It was about freedom of speech the right of Professors to present provocative information.

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Posted on June 24 at 7:04 a.m.

Professor Robinson deserves a full apology from the University. The University knuckled under to the ADL and other groups who don't want free speech to exist in the University. They want to be the ones in charge of what speech is permitted. And that definitely means no speech that is remotely critical of Israel.

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Posted on June 20 at 4:34 p.m.

I noticed a reader compares what Professor Robinson did to a math teacher who teaches that 2+2 = 5. That is typical of the absurd arguments being used in the attack on Professor Robinson, well perhaps even more absurd than most attacks. In teaching a course on global issues, it is appropriate to raise a variety of controversial issues on which people disagree. Nothing in the Middle East is as simple as 2+2 = 4.

It is shocking that two college students with the grades and intelligence to be accepted at UCSB, cannot process material like this in an intellectually mature way. Nobody forced them to believe it. Should every Muslim student have the equal right to institute an official censure of a professor that presented material that supported Israel's point of view? I doubt they have a lobby that would have gotten to first base with the UCSB administration.

It is time for pro-Zionists supporters to stop crying wolf everytime Israel is criticized. Israel is just a country and is not above criticism.

On East Coast Advocacy Group Backs Embattled UCSB Professor

Posted on June 13 at 4:31 p.m.

Glad you wrote this article. It is time for a clean sweep at the Garden. The management that caused this mess has to go.

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Posted on May 21 at 8:27 p.m.

Almost missing from the slick, legalistic arguments attacking Professor Robinson is the fact that he is being accused of an anti-semitic act. That phony charge can't be ignored. Professor Robinson is Jewish himself. Secondly he simply presented a criticism of a nation, Israel, written by another writer, not a broad stereotyped attack on the Jewish people. If I criticized Italian government policy as strongly, assuming for the sake of argument that the Italians did something as awful as what Israel did to the Palestinians, would that make me an anti-Catholic bigot? I think not, it would make a critic of Italian government policy.

False charges of anti-semitism are at the core of the attack on anybody academic who has the courage to criticise Israel government policy.

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Posted on May 21 at 7:19 a.m.

Another thought as to students rights. The many students who appreciate what Professor Robinson teaches have rights as well, rights that the pro-Israeli lobby in this country has no problem crushing.

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Posted on May 21 at 6:50 a.m.

The author conveniently sides steps the the fact that this material was relevent to the course. He invents arguments that material offered in a class has to be "fair and balanced". Professor Robinson has indeed presented information that in this country can't be obtained by the mainstream media. In doing so shows that he is a good teacher and is challenging his students to think for themselves. Claiming Professor Robinson lacks compassion because he upset his students with challenging information, is proof of the ridiculousness of the charges against him, and the lengths to which Zionists will go to suppress criticism of Israel.

To the vast majority of the people of the world this information is not controversial. Most of the world is aware of Israel war crimes in the treatment of Palestinians. Whether you were comfortable or not with the comparison to Nazi treatment of Jews and Gypsies to Israel treatment of Palestinians, Israel was guilty of serious criminal behavior. I never knew that students didn't have the right to hear the truth. Unlike the Rabbi, I am part of a large portion of the Jewish community that supports Professor Robinson, who is also Jewish, in telling the truth and challenging his students comfort zone.

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Posted on May 3 at 7:34 p.m.

The ADL is a so called civil rights movement advocating for the rights of Jews. Currently they are attempting to suppress a Jew, Professor Robinson, who is guilty of straying from the ADL party line. There is a certain irony in that.

I agree with Prof Flacks when he says this kind of suppression of free speech is a danger to Jews everywhere, and everybody else for that matter. It is also an insult of our intelligence. Criticism of Israel, with a few exceptions, is not anti-semitism. Professor Robinson is expressing views that even some Israeli's hold.

On Students Protest Anti-Defamation League's Involvement in UCSB Matter

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