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Posted on March 20 at 10:17 a.m.

My friend was one of the families that were displaced by the SBCC football team players who ended up occupying the 130 S Alisos street residence. Before the evictions that complex was occupied by families, who had lived there for years. At least two of the displaced families had a really hard time finding alternate living arrengements. I know that SBCC was contacted by tenents to ask why they would displace families to house football players. However, no one seemed to have a response. My friend, a single mother asked for aditional time to find other housing and St George denied the request, leaving her and the other families homeless for over a month. Not only did they throw her out on the street to accomidate SBCC players they also tried to charge her for repairs that were not done in order to keep her security deposit.(yes, we have pictures) All the while, SBCC coaches were bring prospective players and their families over to the complex to show them where they would be living. Not only did this violate recruitment rules, it also violated the families involved
Thank You Santa Barbara Independent for exposing this injustice.

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