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Posted on January 22 at 3:36 p.m.

Hearfelt condolences to Billy's owner. This sounds like my ultimate nightmare. I am a 50+ woman who has been threatened with assault while outdoors on my own; since that experience, I am happiest hiking with my 100 lb. canine best friend. While my dog is by nature EXTREMELY non-aggressive, he is sufficiently protective of me to stand his ground with a pretty serious-sounding bark if he encounters a situation that worries him (I prefer that he trot ahead a bit so that his good nose can also alert me to any hazardous wildlife encounters). A couple guys with guns would qualify as worrisome, especially if the HUMANS began "acting aggressively." It doesn't sound like Billy actually attacked anyone, as there's no indication of injury to the hunters. Why oh why oh why would anyone's first response in this situation be to SHOOT a pet? I fear this scenario says way too much about the mindset that, for SOME people, can be brought on by carrying a gun.

On Dog Shot and Killed on Santa Cruz Trail

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