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Posted on November 27 at 10:23 a.m.

CleverGuySB. What can I say? First off, you are completely wrong about Zionism in just about every way. Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. Jews are a nation; not only a religion. Jews have been chased and persecuted in every land they have lived since being exiled from the land of Israel (only called Palestine later by the Romans). A people without a land, they yearned to return to their historical homeland for 3000 years. Any look at the archeology of ancient Israel will bear out the Jewish people's historical roots there.

Zionism was created with a nationalist spirit. Most early Zionists were anti-religious. They rejected the passivity of religious Jews, beaten down after millenia of persecution. They pursued a country - like many others in that period (mid to late 1800s) like any other ethnic group.

For Jews, Zionism is the simple idea that Jews deserve a land of their own, just like anyone else.

As for Jews and Arabs living together in peace before the founding of the state, you don't have to look too hard for many instances of anti-Jewish riots and massacres. 1929 in Hebron is a good example.

So what do you do now when two peoples have rights to the same land. You divide it, as the UN tried to do in 1947 with the partition. The Jews accepted the partition. The Arab countries rejected it and started a war to eradicate Israel and the Jews there in.

Lots of bad things happened during that war both to Jews and Arabs. People lost their homes and their lands. 800000 Jews were expelled from the Arab countries in which they lived and 600000 Arabs fled Palestine. Some left because they were told be Arab goverments that they would be safer if they left while the Jews were being eradicated. Others left because they were driven out by the Israelis.

The numbers game of comparing death tolls is immoral, in my view. Just because Israel spends its time trying to protect its citizens doesn't mean that deaths and maimings on its side are less important.

So that leaves us with a difficult conclusion. Divide the land or everyone suffers. Israelis and Palestinians can only do this themselves. No imposed solution will ever work. Unilateral building in the West Bank hurts any chance for peace. Unilateral declarations at the UN - hardly a body that cares about Jews -- don't either.

I can go on and on about other things in your comment that are simply untrue but the bottom line is this as far as I can tell. There needs to be a separation. Two states, two peoples borders and other issues to be negotiated. The longer we wait, the more frustration and bloodshed.

Jewish students have a right to feel threatened on UC campuses. They are outnumbered and subject to a group think that rejects their identity as part of a nation entitled to a homeland like anyone else. I commend Vered for speaking out and hope that others will join her.

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