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Posted on December 24 at 9:47 a.m.

If the parking structures are sold, who pockets the money ?
I assume this dustup is because the state expects to take the money when the garages are auctioned off.

On World Doesn't End — Second Time in Two Years!

Posted on June 26 at 11:43 a.m.

So with MakeITwork out of business, who are the remaining players in the local market for IT support services?

Do any of them have any Linux expertise ?

On Make It Work Stops Working

Posted on March 7 at 10:28 a.m.

I cannot say whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that this was scheduled as part of First Thursday. The article says that being part of F.T. brought in many visitors. For me, it was one one hand how I heard about the event ... but it was also what kept me from attending. I just barely made it to my "must see" list of galleries before they started shutting down at 7:30.

So ...
1) Do more to get the word out ahead of time
2) If done in the F.T. context, stay open till 8:30 (and let people know that you do)
3) Consider doing it on a Friday or Saturday evening instead.

On Presidio Pastimes Illuminates Santa Barbara History

Posted on July 15 at 8 a.m.

There are many kinds of modern "enhanced" electric meters. As far as I know, the meters that are proposed to be installed soon, are not "smart" meters (allowing real-time measurements) but simply have a radio chip that allows remote reading: I.e. the meter reader still comes around once a month, but he can read the device from the sidewalk with a hand-held radio scanner instead of having to walk up the driveway with binoculars in hand.
Similar meters are also used for water meter reading in many areas.
The amount of radio waves emitted is far less than what you get from the cell phone or the WiFi devices that are INSIDE your house.
It is disappointing that the Independent focuses on stirring up fear, uncertainty and doubt instead of giving us FACTS about the specific devices that are coming.

On Smart Meter Smack Down

Posted on September 20 at 7:12 a.m.

Remember, the actor who makes money is Dennis Quaid (Randy's brother). Randy's career has been in freefall for some time.

On Quaids Arrested for Squatting

Posted on September 3 at 5:58 a.m.

When my daughter was 12, we tallied up everything we had spent on her behalf besides food and lodging: Clothes, music lessons, Disneyland tickets, birthday gifts, and yes the small allowance she had been getting. We had a good long discussion of what it added up to and how her priorities compared to our priorities, and then she took over her own clothing budget and a few other categories. Her allowance went from $10/week to $200/month and she started to make responsible decisions (not just about money) and sometimes even ask for advice. When her classmates were begging their parents for designer jeans and shoes, she was working the sales at Ross, and proud of it.
She just started graduate school in Texas, and is very proud of her new car, for which she negotiated the financing on her own. (Yes, some of that came from Grandma, who gave her better terms than the bank or the dealership; although of course it comes with other "costs" which she is well aware of.)
She says her AP economics class at San Marcos HS did do a segment on personal finance, but it was not in the required curriculum, and she was adamant that it should have been, given how poorly prepared most of her friends were.

It's all well and good that "parents should teach this" but very few do, and so I agree that the school should do at least a bit to backfill.

On Life is Laundry

Posted on August 25 at 7:13 a.m.

"to complete a driver's reevaluation test" ?

One would hope that this means that they took away his license and informed him that to get it back he would have to complete a driver's reevaluation test.

Please clarify.

On Elderly Driver Strikes Elderly Pedestrian

Posted on June 18 at 7:29 a.m.

I have been amazed at the fierce loyalty Lynn enjoys from his supporters despite what I consider to be outrageous behavior.

Let me say that if I were in Dudley's shoes, I would have wanted to sit down with Bramsen for a thorough briefing on both the facts and the moods of the organization before having to tell anyone my plans for its future. Giving Lynn a day off, seems a good way to accomplish this.

I don't know either of the parties, other than from what I have read in the Sound and the Independent, but I am appalled at the viciousness of Lynn's attacks on Dudley. If he really means the nasty things he has said about Dudley, there seems to be no way this could ever have worked out.

Finally, I want to distance myself from the opinions expressed here by someone else who shares my first name.

>> "This opinion piece gives Dudley every benefit of the doubt and suspects Lynn of the worst."

I do not see any evidence for this. It reports what is known about Lynn and his actions. On the other hands, the members of the Lynn support group very consistently gives Lynn every benefit of the doubt and suspects Bramsen and Dudley of the worst.

>> "the Independent picked Dudley even though she made clear that she might fire Lynn if she won."

What's wrong with not wanting to pledge never to fire an employee no matter what they might do in the future, especially after that person has already made it clear that he will do his best to drag your name in the mud ?

>> "It's a travesty Lynn was fired. No defensible reason has been provided and that's ALL THAT MATTERS."

It is an unfortunate fact that an employer cannot publicly debate the background of a termination without facing libel lawsuits. I am happy to see that Dudley and Bramsen both have enough maturity to not argue their detailed opinions about Mr Lynn's personality in public. Ms Bramsen is the responsible manager of a workgroup in the civil service, and Mr Lynn is an at-will employee. What do you not understand about that ?

>> "Lynn did nothing wrong"

Except calling several members of the press to challenge his employer's authority in public? If I did that to any of the people I have worked for in the past, I would not have stayed employed for any length of time after that, either.

And let's not forget that during the election campaign he apparently created a website for the sole purpose of accusing his political opponent (and nor future boss) of selling the public's safety to achieve a less demanding work schedule.

>> "and was fired by a couple of conniving, cruel, power hungry, bad mannered women."

Misanthropic, are we ?

>> "This whole thing is sickening."

Finally, something we agree on.

On Anatomy of the Prosecutor's Firing

Posted on May 5 at 7:41 a.m.

@60Hotel: I agree that this is not the right site for a denser project that will intrude on the riparian habitat. Fortunately, the right site is right there on the other side of the freeway, on the Bishop Ranch, where there is room for a "new town" type project with a shopping center, a school, a couple of churches, a few hundred townhouses ("row houses" we used to call them back in the old country) and several 3-story buildings of 2-bedroom apartments, all within easy bicycle distance of the jobs in the industrial park area.

On New Vision for The Village at Los Carneros

Posted on April 14 at 10:49 a.m.

I may be the only "progressive" to think so, I but I would really like to see the Bishop Ranch developed with about 1200 dwellings like the first conceptual plan suggested.
I see nothing good in curbing development in Goleta only to have it happen in Buellton, forcing the people who live in it to commute on the freeway instead of being able to bike to work.
Ideally we would build an oversupply of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments - enough to get the price to come down a bit.

On Bishop Ranch’s Possible Future

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