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Posted on March 18 at 11:19 a.m.

exactly! Che pic, vintage car pic, snorkeling trip, info on how to travel to Cuba.

It is an excellent idea to explore permaculture, better to focus on that theme. I guess the slideshow and talk tomorrow will be deeper and useful to learn about it. The article was good, even if I disagreed with what I pointed out above.

On Hannah Apricot Visits Cuba

Posted on March 18 at 10:18 a.m.

atomic_state: what do YOU know about Cuba?

The special period never ended in Cuba. I survived the first special period. Many didn't. Many starved and succumbed to diseases and weakness. The Castro brothers hoarded all the resources to keep their troops, police, and secret service fed and ready, while the population was left to fend for themselves. That was the reason behind the creation of the "permaculture", as a way of surviving the special period.

The article is basically promoting touristic trips to Cuba, really? when are you going to understand that it is not to blame the US embargo. The real blockade under which Cuba survives on daily struggle is the blockade of information and goods that the tyranny has imposed on the Cuban people for more than 55 years.

I agreed with the idea of exploring permaculture as a way of preserving natural resources and the environment. But once the article started promoting the tyranny, that was when it was not about nature anymore, it became a political statement.

What about posting a picture of the agricultural gardens instead of the usual vintage car touristic picture we all know so well? Show us that you really visited Cuba to learn about permaculture, how people converted their backyards in vegetable gardens to survive the special period and hunger, for example. I don't want pics of your fabulous experience snorkeling or vintage cars, I want to see what you learned about permaculture as a way of survival. If you have those pics, I would love to see them.

What about if you display a picture of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Wilman Villar Mendoza,both died under the tyranny, instead of one with Che Guevara (he was a killer not a hero)?

Oh well, thanks for the article. I'm sure it will increase the trips to Cuba for sure, for those who can afford it, of course.

On Hannah Apricot Visits Cuba

Posted on September 14 at 3:01 p.m.

if people calls the police at 7pm for a small private party, in a Saturday night, what to expect from "party houses" in residential areas. RobertRich's comment is a good example of the extremism in SB. Asking for regulating noise for private parties is a good example of intolerance. I know someone who bought a house in Hope Ranch. One day, his dog was barking for an hour, in the early afternoon, and the neighbors called the police. They got a citation and their address was listed in the HR local neighborhood paper. Does it makes sense to you go to those extremes? I think, in SB, people needs to learn to be more tolerant. To only report or complaint about serious issues, or when the party becomes a weekly problem, like the party houses mentioned in the article.

On Neighbors Mad at 'Party Houses'

Posted on November 24 at 8:24 a.m.

The article does not mentions that this dinner will be served by a wonderful organization: Organic Soup Kitchen, thanks to the hard work of Anthony Carrocio, many families will be able to enjoy a thanksgiving dinner today. If you would like to help, please visit: I already donated money and volunteered for the event.

On Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted on November 19 at 9:50 a.m.

why was this article showcased on the front page of the Independent? it is like making the guy felt proud of his past actions. Even the title shows up the admiration the writer feels for him: Surfer, Robber, Writer, Lifer, it make it sounds like he was/is a great man. Oh well, I might be wrong but even the part where the writer describes her trip to see him in prison sounds too "romantic", like she wants to looks sexy for him; she also knows he will be reading the article too. Lets wait for the next article, he is probably going to get several compassionate visits from lonely women who sees him as a victim. He was a criminal and he is paying for his past actions. He got a chance to change and he destroyed his future one more time. There is nobody to blame but himself for his wrongdoing, so do not try to make him looks like a victim of society.

On Surfer, Robber, Writer, Lifer

Posted on November 9 at 2:06 p.m.

Just because you are on a diet does not mean you can't look at the menu! does the soccer 101 book has pictures too? he he he. Thanks Starshine for another fun article!

On Coach Charming

Posted on October 27 at 10:38 a.m.

100% agreed with santabarbarasand's comment.

On This Is Not Your Daddy’s Protest

Posted on August 31 at 2:50 p.m.

sometimes, a parent might force a kid to become a gay. I have seen a women raise her son like a girl (let his hair grow very long, dress him up like a girl, treat him like a girl, ...) and he indeed looks like a girl already but at least he still plays like a boy with other kids. How much damage is this mother going to cause to her son because of some psychological issues she has after not having the girl of her dreams? sad, very sad. Hopefully the boy will be strong enough to be himself and not some girlish creation his mom taught him to be. A gay will know at the right moment he/she is gay, then deal with that. Luckily, the modern world is changing the way people thinks and behave towards gays but there are still strong issues with that, among religious people, or intolerant governments. People needs to be educated to be tolerant and to understand that every person has the right to be itself.

On What If My Kid's Gay?

Posted on August 24 at 4:37 p.m.

ya sabes quien soy, tienes mala memoria!!!

On <em>Che: Part One</em>

Posted on August 24 at 10:33 a.m.

Yesterday, I got an email from an old neighbor. She has access to email because she has a friend who works for the cuban government that allows her to check/send emails a few minutes every day, mostly at midnight. She can not writes anything related with Fidel or news about Cuba because she won't be able to use her friend's email anymore to communicate with her daughter. She is the only contact I have with my mother, who still lives in Cuba at the moment, and she is the only resource I have to say hi to my mom. Lets go back to her email. I asked her about the rest of the people from my building, when I used to live there. Her answer was depressing. Almost everybody passed away. No only the elderly, which is normal, but in Cuba they die younger (50-60 years old); but almost all of the young kids I grew up with passed away as well. The ones that are still healthy and alive are the ones, like myself, who decided to leave that country. Does that tells you something about the good cuban health system and life style?. It is good if you pay in dollars but not if you go to a regular hospital or medical clinic. The only way to be healthy, is by giving "presents" to "friend doctors" who will see you correctly. My father passed away waiting for attention in a hospital. He was having a stroke and nobody came to see him until it was too late. There was a student trying to insert a tube through his throat to do a tummy cleaning while he was getting worst by seeing another old patient dying next to his bed, who was getting the same treatment. Like a terror movie, you see when they kill the person next to you and you are sure you will be next but you can not run! My mother was traumatized forever, she does not wants to go to a hospital anymore after that horrible experience. Hank, I think Sanity was being sarcastic, he mentioned something that is a good idea for those thinking about doing business in cuba: DON'T!.

On <em>Che: Part One</em>

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