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Posted on August 23 at 11:47 p.m.

Perhaps they want to use Che as an example for the dictators, to send them this type of message: do not worry, you can always hide in Cuba if things gets ugly. Other than that reason for the documentary, I agreed with every single comment from Hank. I consider myself one of the victims of the communism, who grew up in Cuba as a child repeating those slogans they brain washed us/all the children that were born after the revolution: "Pioneros por el Comunismo. Seremos como el Che" (To build Communism - We will be like Che!). No thanks, I don't want to be like Che. They should display this other documentary, the other side of the story about the real Che Guevara. It is called "El otro lado de un ídolo" (the other side of an idol) by Agustín Blázquez. The documentary has valuable testimonials from the victims of Che Guevara and witnesses of his crimes. Only the documentary supporting the cuban revolution and the story they want you to heard was shown on television. Agustin's documentary was never shown on TV, they ignored him. For those of you who wants to support the cuban revolution, after watching the documentary, please do no let them to sell you Che as an idol. The Libya relation with Che and the cuban revolution? since both regime were similar, perhaps the next question should be: could the same thing happen in Cuba? I hope so. It will be great to see a revolution in Cuba and get the Castro brothers and his family out of the power forever.

On <em>Che: Part One</em>

Posted on April 13 at 2:47 p.m.

I completely agreed with you Chester_Arthur.

Lets give some Pepto-Bismol to EZK (he is another big fan of Ann Bardach) before he starts publishing non-sense comments again.

Posada Carriles was declared innocent by an US jury in a city that has not relation with Cubans from the exile so nobody can say it was not a fair trial. Additionally, he has not been convicted of the terrorist crime, so nobody should call him a terrorist because there is not proof of anything.

On Jury Rejects Charges Against Alleged Anti-Castro Terrorist

Posted on April 2 at 9:33 a.m.

EZK, I'm tired of repeating the same to you, do not talk about a theme you know nothing about. In my country, once a name has been blacklisted, we are not allowed to go back to our own country. Many cubans in the exile are in that list and can not go back to Cuba unless there is a change in the government. I can try to explain to you how the real Cuba is but I don't have the time you have to spend many hours in this site posting comments. Do you know that in my country there is a law called "dangerous criminal" (peligrosidad delictiva), it means they can send you to jail if they consider you will commit a crime in the future. This law is used against those who decides to open their mouths and express themselves openly. Can you imagine yourself in a country where internet access is forbidden, where you don't have the freedom to express yourself, where you can not leave the country-prison? can you imagine yourself not being able to film your movies or documentaries unless the media was previously approved by the government? all your creativity will be killed if that happens, when you can only write about how wonderful the revolution is and how wonderful the Castros are like the local papers and cultural organizations there, always at the service of the tyranny. Lets not forget the famous words from Fidel: "with the revolution everything; against the revolution, nothing". He and his brother were sure to applied that to us. It is better to be poor in this country of yours than a prisoner in that island of mine. Anne Bardach has not lived in Cuba, do not compared her with me just because she wrote some books about the dictator. Her latest book is good as a chronology but not as a reference guide about Fidel or the exile. I recommended a good book to you already, there is a french and Spanish version: La Ficcion Fidel, by Zoe Valdes. Zoe is a real cuban writer, she knows more about Fidel than Anne Bardach and has written many more and better books that your dearest Ms. Bardach. As Zoe mentioned on her book: "Fidel Castro has been the greatest marketing specialist in the contemporary history. He created a product - the revolution - and everybody bought it.".

On Dogs and Other Strangers

Posted on April 1 at 4:46 p.m.

"L'art doit discuter, doit contester, doit protester."

EZK, nobody posted any hateful rants and slanders against Ms. Bardach. Comments were pointing out the fact that she was too close to Fidel to be considered a reliable witness. She has a long history of supporting the Castro brothers with her writings against the exile community. Independently of her achievements, by writing for the all the media mentioned on this post, which are papers that always write against the cuban exile in US as well; she proved to us that she supports the Castro's government. I don't support any terrorism activities that endanger human lives; it is for the jury to decide about Posada Carriles case and his responsibility on those acts he is accused of.
I'm cuban, I was born after the revolution, I lived in Cuba almost all my life under Fidel's oppression. I'm part of that generation. I don't think Ms. Bardach experienced that type of life so please, do not post comments talking stuff you know nothing about. If there is an ignorant person here, that will be you for not reading the comments carefully. Be very careful with your comments, you should not make comments against persons or issues you don't know.

On Dogs and Other Strangers

Posted on March 29 at 9:41 p.m.

EZK (684 comments posted in this web site) vs localsb (7 comments, with 5 out of 7 just replies to yours).
Who is the bluster of this News site? you better find better arguments to express yourself than talking something you know nothing about.

قبل از باز کردن دهان خود را دوباره،
اطمینان حاصل کنید که ذهن تا از همهی چیزهایی که به شما می گویند.

Translation(google): Before you open your mouth again, make sure you have a mind to back up all the things you say.

On S.B. Journalist in Court

Posted on March 29 at 9:40 a.m.

EZK, you really need to review your Spanish because you are completely lost. Your previous post is all wrong. I should not be wasting my time answering to you. I deal with people like you every day and it is not worth my energies. Just educate yourself a little bit before posting non-sense comments. No seas paranoico, calmate los nervios he he he!

On S.B. Journalist in Court

Posted on March 28 at 5:33 p.m.

EZK, let me help you here a little bit. I know it is frustrating when you can not understand something because you don't speak the language. It happened to me many years ago when I came to live to your country. Henry and I just exchanged a few words in Spanish, non related with the post. The ones related with the post, we commented in English as you can read above.
About Bardach, she traveled 13 times to Cuba; not only she interviewed Fidel, but she was very close to him. I will translate here part of the post I mentioned above so you can understand. Lets be clear that I'm not defending Posada Carriles, I'm just pointing out how Bardach is not a reliable witness considering her close relationship with the cuban dictator.

"Under heavy and prolonged interrogation of Bardach, she was forced to admit that she has traveled to Cuba in thirteen different occasions and she has met several times with Fidel Castro.

The highlight was when the lawyer asked Hernandez whether she was aware that Fidel Castro would not let anyone touch him, and she said, "Yes, I know". If she was aware that not even his closest friends could get close to him; and she admitted that she knew that perfectly fine. Another question: if she knew about Fidel Castro's close relationship with the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez, and how not event the "Gabo" will be allowed to embrace Fidel Castro, the U.S. journalist admitted, "Yes I am aware of that." At that instant, Posada's lawyer, took a photo and showed it to the witness, as he said: "How can you explain this picture?". Ann Louise Bardach was intensely pale, surprised. The lawyer then asked the judge permission to show the picture to the jury. The judge quickly replied, "only after I see it and approve it."

When the judge saw the photo, she gave the lawyer permission to be shown to the jury. One could see the surprise on the faces of the jurors. The picture showed Ann Louise Bardach, tightly around FIDEL CASTRO.

Independent observers felt that after two days of testimony from Bardach, the defense won a tremendous victory after showing the close relationship of the witness with the tyrant of Cuba."

On S.B. Journalist in Court

Posted on March 26 at 8:03 p.m.

EZK, you are right, she should not be forced to testify; but since that already happened, her testimonial should not be taken too seriously, considering her long history of supporting Fidel. About the spanish comments, there is always google translator, or just do not read it.

On S.B. Journalist in Court

Posted on March 25 at 5:08 p.m.

Ya conozco un Henry, si eres el mismo, te sorprenderas cuando veas quien soy. Saludos! aqui estare siempre tirandole a cuanto castrista se me pare delante. Read the post from BaracuteyCubano about Bardach's trip to the court, it was very bad for her he he he.
she has traveled more than 13 times to Cuba and she meet with Fidel several times. The best part is when the lawyer displayed her picture with Fidel, too close to him. Not the best person to testify considering her strong relation with the dictator.

On S.B. Journalist in Court

Posted on March 25 at 7:38 a.m.

CmanSB, don't talk what you don't know. I'm cuban and I lived inside the monster; nobody can tell me stories, not even Bardach who is considered a "communist" because of her close contact with "charming" Fidel and her way of defending him always. If you want to be informed and to learn the truth, you better read "La Ficcion Fidel" by Zoe Valdes.

On S.B. Journalist in Court

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