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Posted on June 18 at 2:11 p.m.

I said "really" intoxicated - meaning not just on drugs but intoxicated to the point where they can't function properly. Most people who do drugs can mostly function when they do some drugs. They can talk to cops, drive their cars, etc. Just like alcohol, when they increase the dosage and get really high then functioning becomes more difficult.

We don't know how intoxicated this guy was. Obviously not enough for the officer to ask him to step out of the car immediately because he asked for his documents and had a short conversation first. If he was "really" intoxicated, the officer would have asked him to immediately step out of his car. According to the article that phrase was never mentioned.

So we can't really assume that he was majorly intoxicated, but either way it is a bit irrelevant.

How many drunk people who get DUIs try and make a run for it vs. people who are high on drugs? The answer is people who are high on drugs. Why do you think that is? Alcohol impairs judgement very heavily, pretty much as bad as even the worst illegal drugs. Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that alcohol is legal and drugs are illegal and so the punishment is much worse for the person with drugs?

I'm not saying drug addicts are particularly smart, many of them are not. I'm not saying drug addicts make choices based heavily on consequences, many do not. But they still generally operate on the basis of risk and self preservation. Most of them won't run from the cops unless they are about to face some serious jail time. They know they have a high likelihood of being caught, and so why commit a crime that is worse than the one you are about to get busted for? Most of the time, when criminals run it is due to having drugs on them or having a warrant or from a serious violent crime. That is because these crimes carry very heavy prison sentences. It doesn't make sense to run from a $300 speeding ticket if there is a 50% chance you will get caught because it lands you in jail for a year. It makes more sense to run from a 10 year jail sentence if there is only a 50% chance you will get caught, because it adds only 1 year onto your sentence but getting away could save you 5-10 years.

On High-Speed Chase Ends Up in a Shed

Posted on June 18 at 12:25 p.m.

DUI does not carry a 10+ year prison sentence. DUI is harder to pin on someone who uses drugs if they aren't extremely intoxicated. Drug runners generally don't get really intoxicated before smuggling 6 lbs of heroin. A DUI would have, however, guaranteed that they found the 6 lbs of heroin. Obviously what made him leave the scene was the 6 lbs of heroin in his car because that results in the longest prison sentence. Logic. Son. Use it.

On High-Speed Chase Ends Up in a Shed

Posted on June 18 at 11:45 a.m.

Yes, this bill just passed the house this morning under the shadow of the staged false flag late yesterday in Charleston, SC where another SSRI freak, this one racist, went out and shot up a black meeting. They even gave him a fun name - Storm Roof, not unlike Storm Front.

It was a great distraction for them to get together and pass the bill and give the media something else to focus on.

Now we will here more about gun control, racial tensions, right-wing terrorism and as a kicker the kid had a cannabis possession charge so if they want they can play up the anti-legalization card.

If people don't start paying attention and investigating these staged false flag lone gunman shootings, we will lose our rights and the political establishment will continue to have these temporary distractions to pass their pet legislation.

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Posted on June 18 at 11:37 a.m.

blah, you are wrong again. Do you have a problem with logic?

I explained in my post that, lacking the war on drugs, Jolly may have gotten pulled over for speeding and may have had an issue with his license - but would he have risked his freedom for such a minor offense, or was he risking his freedom because he had 6 lbs of heroin which would put him in jail for many, many years?

If you can't answer that question, you have a problem dealing with basic logic.

On High-Speed Chase Ends Up in a Shed

Posted on June 18 at 11:34 a.m.

No, you guys are both completely off base.

First of all, about half of the prison population in this country is in prison for non-violent drug offenses, so this isn't about me, this isn't me being selfish, this is about a country with the biggest prison population in the entire world and half the people imprisoned are innocent of hurting anybody else.

Get it straight, son.

Second of all, filmlover, almost everybody in SB gets up and drinks tea or coffee which has caffeine and is a drug. Most people drink alcohol, which is more dangerous than many if not most illegal drugs. If you are going to talk about how using drugs is immoral, you have to talk about all drugs, not just illegal drugs.

Genocide is immoral - states sometimes commit genocide. Imprisoning people for using drugs is immoral when they haven't hurt anyone- states sometimes imprison people for using drugs. Morality has nothing to do with what is legal or illegal. Period.

It is not the state's job to tell people how to live their lives, it is the states job to protect people's rights. This is very basic stuff, the Founding Fathers talked about it and it is inscribed in the Constitution. The war on drugs is unconstitutional. All drugs were legal in this country for about 150 years. Heroin was invented by a major pharmaceutical company in the 1800s. Drugs did not become a major problem until after the war on drugs began. The war on drugs has decimated our society.

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Posted on June 17 at 3:08 p.m.

Sam, sorry but you are wrong. There is a huge lack of evidence for the official story. Inconsistencies cannot be logically explained. 9/11 hijackers were funded by Saudis, put through an express VISA program, trained by the US military and aided - nay - cradled by intelligence agencies in carrying out the attacks. Many of the hijackers trained at US military bases and some even lived with FBI agents.

Henry Kissinger was the original head of the 9/11 Commission. He resigned after the Jersey Girls came to visit his office and asked him if he had any Saudi clients by the name of Bin Laden. He spilled his cup of coffee and resigned from the Commission the very next day.

There are at least 10 if not 15-20 really good films that all show the evidence that points toward inside job. What amazes me is the accuracy and legitimacy of all the information out there that proves 9/11 was an inside job, but also the fact that most of these films cover original material. Using only original material, I think a 40+ hour documentary could be made covering evidence that it was an inside job.

I have read attempts to debunk of a lot of 9/11 material and most of it is complete trash. They spend 95% of the time doing the same thing you do, talking about how conspiracy theorists are crazy, and rarely point toward any evidence and when they do it is deceptive, misleading or straight up false.

I actually talk about evidence, I don't spend most of my posts putting down people who debunk 9/11 truth because that is a deceptive way to operate and I am trying to find people with some intellectual honesty, prowess and some balls (not to discount 14ns) to further the movement.

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Posted on June 17 at 2 p.m.

I guess he's not jolly because George Jolly is another victim of the war on drugs.

The Constitutionality of government licensing schemes required for people simply traveling which is a guaranteed right in the Constitution aside.......

In all likelihood, if he didn't have illicit substances in his car he wouldn't have tried to evade police for lack of ID and documentation which does not carry a significant criminal sentence like having 6 lbs. of heroin.

"Does anyone else wonder where losers like this get such large quantities of drugs. it must be flowing freely through the border"

The US military guarded and protected poppy fields in Afghanistan - the Taliban had nearly eradicated the poppy fields before the US invasion. The brother of the US puppet leader in Afghanistan was involved in the heroin trade. The CIA protects drug dealers who cooperate with them and that helps them finance covert intelligence operations. Cocaine has been coming up from South America for decades with the help of the CIA.

People who support the war on drugs support this charade of a money making power scheme, financing horrific foreign interventions, bolstering of religious extremism and Nationalism in foreign countries and they support the destruction of US communities who are affected by the fallout.

On High-Speed Chase Ends Up in a Shed

Posted on June 17 at 11:05 a.m.

Just like Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass Obamacare for the public to be able to read what was in it, Paul Ryan said about these trade deals that we had to pass it to declassify it - not a good sign!!!

On Capps Breaks with Obama over Trade Pact

Posted on June 17 at 10:56 a.m.

WARNING!! This is what $15/hour minimum wage looks like!!

This guy doesn't know anything about basic economics. Making it illegal for poor people to work does not help poor people. Minimum wage only makes it illegal for people with low skill levels to work because they are not able to supply enough productivity to support their mandatory minimum wage. Raising minimum wage will raise the wages of a few, increase unemployment, reduce productivity and ultimately reduce total wages paid. This will reduce taxes collected and reduce government benefits available for those who become unemployed due to the minimum wage hike.

"many of workers surveyed were subjected to “wage theft,” meaning they were not paid overtime or given the time off legally required for breaks and meals."

Well maybe they should quit. Do you realize people in this country used to routinely work 10-14 hour days, 6+ days a week in factories during our industrial revolution? The reason we have such high standard of living now is because our country developed and had to get through that period of growth. We became the richest country in the world, and then pissed away all of our wealth in the last 50 years as we have gone further into debt supporting the warfare/welfare state. Now we are borrowing money from China to go to war, give to other countries and hand out for free to everybody. It's not sustainable.

Workers can go be subsistence farmers or they can choose to move to the city and provide services, become a factory worker or they can learn how to organize labor - as long as there is freedom people should have a right to choose how to best use their labor. It's certainly not the job of the government.

On Wages Remain Stagnant for South Coast Workers

Posted on June 17 at 3:11 a.m.

You have a twisted sense of what is moral or immoral. You use the rule of law to determine morality - if that were true then the Holocaust was moral because it happened under the rule of law. The state does not determine what is moral or immoral and is most often immoral. Therefore, breaking the law is not necessarily immoral. Hurting others, taking away their rights and damaging their property is immoral. That is what you are referring to which happened in Baltimore and is not the same as engaging in consensual economic transactions. In fact, that makes the drug war immoral because it is taking away people's rights. Pretending that you know what is good for others and violently kidnapping them when they haven't hurt anybody is immoral.

Alcohol is one of the worst drugs, the reason there are so many problems with alcohol is because people don't have other legal options. Amphetamine, which is essentially the same as methamphetamine, is prescribed to millions of people including children. Poor people go to prison for using the same drug. I'm not saying it's healthy, I'm saying it's especially wrong to condone drug use on the one hand and then imprison others who make difference choices that can be based on many factors.

Cannabis is safe, treats over a hundred conditions and can cure cancer. It is illegal.

People who argue that what the state does is moral have absolutely no grounds to argue from. It is a cop-out to continue to impose their tyranny on others. Mind your own business and stop pretending that the state has the right to control our lives. The only thing the state has the natural right to do is protect our individual rights. Anything else is extortion and leads to corruption. The police state and the prison industrial complex and the alcohol industry are the entities that are keeping illicit drugs illegal, and it is being done for profits and political power.

The institutions and laws you support are ending and destroying countless innocent people's lives, destroying families, destroying our economy and creating massive amounts of cultural conflict. They are the reason that these activities are able to support cartels and terrorism. They completely fail at the goal of reducing drug use and in fact make the problem worse.

On Five Teens Captured After Escaping Los Prietos Boys Camp

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