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Posted on June 16 at 9:29 p.m.

nomoresanity does not know how to follow the money.

On Marijuana in the City

Posted on June 16 at 9:27 p.m.

filmlover - The war on drugs is immoral. Locking up innocent people who haven't hurt anybody is violence and there is no excuse for it. I don't support violence against innocent people, and nearly half the people in our prison system are innocent. I would not want to be responsible for violence against innocent people, so I do not support the war on drugs.

The war on drugs has not decreased drug use, it has increased it. It has created a popular subversive culture whereby people are able to make a lot of money very quickly through a very high risk trade because the war on drugs artificially boosts the profit margin for sellers. Those who engage in drug dealing are perceived to have alpha male traits by females due to the high risk and high reward nature of the business, which makes them more physically attractive and allows many drug dealers a high volume of sexual encounters. This just makes the business that much more attractive. That is why destructive drug addiction has permeated our culture so much.

The war on drugs has not made illegal drug use safer, it has made it less safe. Illegal drugs have all sorts of impurities and additives that can be dangerous and is the cause of most drug overdoses.

The only reason the Mexican Cartels exist is because of the war on drugs exists. The increased profit margin and high risk business is attractive and lucrative for organized crime. If drugs were legalized, they would be sold by private organizations making regular profit margins thus would not be attractive to criminal organizations. A drug dealer on the corner would make the same amount as somebody selling oranges or flowers on the corner and would disincentivize drug dealers being on corners.

Arresting people for drugs hurts them more in the long term than the drugs hurt them because it gives them a criminal record that makes it difficult to obtain jobs even years later.

You didn't know the road to hell was paved with such good intentions, did you?

On Five Teens Captured After Escaping Los Prietos Boys Camp

Posted on June 16 at 5:16 p.m.

Hey Botany, speaking of high paying jobs, check this out:

On Health-Care Subsidy Tax Math

Posted on June 16 at 4:49 p.m.

Well, filmlover, the problem is that the war on drugs puts innocent people behind bars.

End the war on drugs and we can talk about how to treat criminal inmates.

On Five Teens Captured After Escaping Los Prietos Boys Camp

Posted on June 16 at 4:23 p.m.

Two warrants for non-violent offenses... another victim of the war on drugs?

On Jail Inmate Dies

Posted on June 16 at 2:25 p.m.

Has this guy been living under a rock the last few years?? If not, I hope they move under one and stay there. What an authoritarian whacko.

Cannabis is completely legal in two states and is being sold and distributed to anybody over the age of 21 who wants it in those states.

What kind of insane politician is going to stick their career on the line and go arresting sick people? 80%+ of the US population wants medical marijuana legal.

"The claimed “medical problems” can be resolved by FDA-approved drugs and by medical treatment."

That is 100% completely false - in fact it is the opposite - a lot of the claimed "medical problems" cited by the establishment to sell big pharma drugs can largely be treated more safely and with greater efficacy with cannabis.

This guy is going to be really embarrassed as the tide on cannabis prohibition turns on him further. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were dead by then, it is hard to believe anybody under the age of 80 who isn't senile with extreme dementia still agrees with cannabis prohibition.

On Marijuana in the City

Posted on June 16 at 1:34 p.m.

Get ready for your rating to drop.

On News Commentary: Refugio Officials 'Target' Specific Reporters

Posted on June 16 at 12:10 p.m.

"On a serious note, more people smoking pot will create more people driving while impaired on marijuana."

Dispensaries started propagating around 2005/2006 and by 2007 there were over a dozen dispensaries in SB with lines going out the door. Not to mention, the black market has continued live and well the entire time. When the store fronts were shut down, delivery services became available and now there are several dozen delivery services in SB. You can checkout their menus online, many of them have literally hundreds of different strains and products available. There is no shortage of access to cannabis in SB, it's already available to pretty much anyone who wants it. There are already a LOT of people who are toking in SB. So where are all of the problems with traffic accidents? Sure, it happens once in a while - and once in a while a sober person gets in an accident. But there is not great disparity and no major problems are apparent.

So I would argue we are already there and have been for quite some time and have seen that safety has improved with less instances of drunk driving. Cannabis has the potential to impair a driver, but it requires very heavy usage or someone who hasn't been exposed to it very many times. Also, drunk people tend to have more courage and will tend to think they are sober enough to drive when they aren't. Cannabis does the opposite - it may make you think you are in an unsafe condition to drive when in fact you may be perfectly capable of driving as well as a healthy portion of sober drivers. So driving while under the influence of cannabis, while much safer, actually discourages itself, unlike driving under the influence of alcohol.

On New Pot Shop Gets Green Light

Posted on June 16 at 11:50 a.m.

Hey cartoonz - what if I have a legitimate medical need AND I like to get stoned?

Also, you tried to make the argument that people who don't have a serious and legitimate need for cannabis are some how hurting people who do. First, your assumption that cannabis does not have medicinal value for people with various sleep disorders, migraines or other conditions which vary wildly in severity making it difficult to judge the extent of the need for medication is not true. It does provide medicinal value to these people. The question is whether they COULD do without it. Well, that isn't any of your business. Any adult should be able to use cannabis, even if it is just for stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of disease, afterall.

Secondly, people who use cannabis more for recreation and don't have a really serious medicinal need are actually helping to expand the availability and quality for patients who do have a serious medicinal need by creating a bigger, more competitive and wide reaching market. As cannabis is becoming legal in many states, and probably will be here, I see no reason why people who have less serious medical conditions are going to cause any disruption in the supply of medicinal cannabis to those who need it. Besides, it is people like YOU who are responsible for taking it away from really sick people, stop trying to put that on those who may use it medicinally for more minor issues or recreationally. It's a plant - you banned it - you take responsibility. You are the childish foot stomper. There is nothing wrong with an adult using cannabis for pure recreation.

"Then to claim that marijuana does not impair someone's reaction time or ability to operate a motor vehicle safely, that's simply ridiculous."

Cannabis does not necessarily impair ones reaction time unless they have had way too much. Some of the best video game players are stoners and video games require very good reaction times. Just like alcohol, there are different levels of impairment and just like alcohol you don't reach the highly impaired state unless you choose to do so. At that point, most stoners will only want to sit back on their friend's couch and relax and won't want to drive anywhere anyway.

What many studies have found is that people who have had a low to moderate dose of cannabis actually drive more carefully, more safely and have as few or fewer accidents than sober drivers. Those highly intoxicated on cannabis may drive worse than a sober driver, but will never get to the point of driving as impaired as a drunk driver. This is because alcohol in high doses changes the viscosity of the fluid in your ears and this diminishes your ability to balance significantly. This does not happen with cannabis. So if a cop pulls over somebody and they are obviously impaired, they can give them impairment tests, but it makes no sense to target a group of people who studies have shown are some of the safest drivers on the road.

On New Pot Shop Gets Green Light

Posted on June 16 at 11:18 a.m.

"Someone should do a study on what happens to children once they're removed from a hippy's home and sent to live with foster parents.."

State kidnaps girl after parents smoke pot; foster parent charged with her murder

Baby Taken from Parents After Father Admitted to “Using Marijuana” is Murdered in Foster Care

On New Pot Shop Gets Green Light

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