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Posted on October 20 at 3:21 p.m.

If I were in a kayak 3 miles off point conception, I would almost expect to be attacked by a great white shark. I would be praying it was a juvenile less than 10-12 feet. There is a great white shark birthing ground just west of the channel islands.

On the other hand, several thousand people surf every single day from Goleta to San Diego - can anybody name the last shark attack that occurred on a surfer between Goleta and San Diego? Sure, there are sightings, and occasionally a swimmer gets attacked, but I have yet to read or recall a great white attack on a surfer in all of southern california. Being afraid of surfing in southern california because of sharks is a completely absurd notion, statistically. Although they certainly are out there. Juvenile sightings are quite common at places such as San Onofre, where they get several hundred surfers every day if you include trestles, Point Dume near malibu and out near the seal rookery in Carpinteria. Yet never any attacks on surfers.

On None

Posted on October 20 at 3 p.m.

Wait, why does the update to the article infer that 100% of students at the school have been vaccinated?

Is that true?

Either way I disagree the government should enforce vaccinations or try and tell ANYBODY what "science" is "good" and what "science" is "bad". Scientists throughout history have been wrong, often. Governments throughout history have been wrong, often. Scientific consensus should never come through the barrel of a gun.

On Whooping Cough Cases Increase

Posted on October 20 at 2:46 p.m.

Now this whole thing about Sueno turning into a ghetto in 2003/2004 which I've heard 2 or 3 times now from hank is very interesting to me.

Some of my friends moved into that newer (built or redone in the 90s maybe?) duplex with the driveway that goes back to the garage on the west end of the 6700 block of Sueno during the 2003/2004 school year, I'm not sure if he is referring to that section of Sueno or the 6600 block or what?

My friends who moved in there - one was a comp sci major, very quiet and polite, into old school punk, obsessed with bikes (not so much BMX, but like old school cruiser bikes w side baskets and also had a fixie which was pretty new concept back then).. anyway, let's call him Hank Jr., cause I always imagine Hank to be an older version of this kid sorta.. Then there was my other friend who was an Environmental Studies Major, spent a lot of time doing environmental restoration, had a plot over at the community garden and was a snowy plover docent. Let's call him Cat Jr. Then there was the third guy who was a film studies major, and he was pretty much just obsessed with film and I think he coordinated the Reel Loud festival that year.

Anyway, they were in the back unit of this duplex and there were some girls in the front. Then next door was a group of guys, I can't remember if they had some sort of skate ramp or something, I dunno, I heard they liked to party but I don't remember them having a lot of big parties or causing disturbances whenever I was there, which was a lot in part since they let me keep my surfboard in their garage.

They had parties there a lot, they had a lot of friends but it was mostly all people we knew that would go party there since the house didn't pick up a lot of foot traffic being on that end of town.

Anyway, I'm kinda curious if it was that end of the block that is ever being referred to, half the block is taken up by the frisbee golf course and that block always seemed really quiet to me - but maybe he is talking about a different section of the block, or the 6600 block of sueno or something.

I had a lot of friends in IV who were scenesters/punks, I had a lot of friends who were stoners, I had a lot of friends who were kinda jocks (or at least liked to watch a lot of sports, they did tend to come from wealthy families but they were all very serious about school and have all become pretty successful...) and while the hip hop scene was popular, I wouldn't have categorized people I knew like that even if they mostly listened to the music (it was popular) and tended to dress that way. But it's interesting to hear people possibly being thrown into the wanna be gansta category who weren't really wanna be gangstas in any true sense of the word, just because of the way they dressed and the music that was popular at the time.

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 20 at 2:12 p.m.

blah, I appreciate you bringing hank's wisdom into the discussion, but I disagree that our views are as contradictory as you make them out to be.

I was responding to somebody who was essentially saying that IV is the most dangerous place in America. I still think IV is in fact one of the safest places in America. It may not be as safe as it was 10+ years ago, but it's not as far off as some make it out to be.

I'm not saying that if you leave your house or apartment open all the time nothing there is a 100% chance nothing will ever happen or get stolen or that it is a good idea to do so, I'm saying that most everybody in IV especially who have more than one roommate (especially guys, but girls do it too, tho girls have a tendency to at least lock up at night) usually leave their house open and while occasionally things do get stolen it is very uncommon, even in houses that have open parties often. That doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend taking extra precautions such as getting a lock on your bedroom door if your house has parties, it just means that overall people leave their stuff accessible and overall it is pretty safe.

I was not recommending that girls go pass out drunk by themselves at a party in IV, in fact numerous times I've said that girls should go in groups and watch out for each other. What I was saying was that a girl who passes out at a party in IV is probably safer than throwing them into a cab heading downtown - they could be assaulted after they are dropped off near their home if they didn't end up making it to their house... What I said was that if I were a girl, I would feel safer passed out at a party in IV than passed out somewhere in SB, let's say over by La Breeza apartments or really anywhere downtown.

As far as drunk in publics, it depends - I don't think we'll ever have a very good idea since there is no hard data, it's all very situational..sometimes it is somebody who is drunk trying to start a fight...but I would still say that is a pretty small minority of people who are actually reported by other people for causing a disturbance. Other than showing signs of nothing else other than extreme intoxication, it could be they are out of town and had an open container. Or they sat down somewhere and maybe fell asleep. Or they went down to the cliff to pee in a park and get stopped on their way back to the street and instead of charging them with pissing in public which is harder to prove they get drunk in public. That's how one of my friends got caught with weed, the officer knew he was peeing behind a car and used that as an excuse to stop and search him. I'll bet often it is just that they are being loud and annoying, not really committing any crimes - seems like a warning could suffice, rarely do I see cops letting kids go once they initiate an interaction they tend to throw them down on the curb and it's all over.

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 17 at 2:58 p.m.

Also important to note, the government essentially does the same exact thing that this guy does but on a much larger scale.

On Suspected Gang Member Arrested on Extortion Charges

Posted on October 17 at 2:23 p.m.

"Are you for real Loon? Protection services? The only thing they needed protection from is the gang if they didn't pay up."

Not true, if they stopped protecting that territory another gang would move in and sell drugs there and they would not allow them to operate and make tons of money selling drugs. They are absolutely protecting their drug territory for them to sell in, and they benefit greatly from having monopoly advantage in drug sales in that area.

It's a sad way to operate, but that is a direct result of the war on drugs.

"So illegally taking money from innocent residents of an area for 'protection" is a legal act?"

I suppose the article would need to distinguish what they were collecting taxes for. Maybe they were collecting taxes from a corner market that was also selling drugs that we don't know about. It is difficult to speculate whether these people were completely innocent or receiving some benefit or services from the gang.

Again, sad way to operate, and I don't believe people should be 'forced' to pay for services they don't want, I was just pointing out that they were likely receiving benefit from the services the gang provides and did in a sense owe them some money for those services, especially if it was pre-agreed upon which is also not mentioned in the article.

You can thank the war on drugs for creating that type of situation.

On Suspected Gang Member Arrested on Extortion Charges

Posted on October 17 at 2:11 p.m.

"Have you ever been to IV, highest crime rate per sq ft. in the U.S.?"

Wow, what a fear monger. Most of the 'crimes' aren't even crimes, they are drunk in public minor intoxicated bullsht.

Let's see, I was there for about 4 years and quite a few people had their bikes of my friends had their house broken into over break when none of the students were around....crime certainly does happen there, but having your bike stolen and place broken into when the whole place turns into a ghost town is nothing I would worry about my safety over, though it does inflate the crime statistics...I had friends who went to USC and schools on the east coast who were held up AT GUNPOINT so don't try and tell me about crime and safety in IV....cuz other than that, everybody I knew always left their doors unlocked and I don't know ANYBODY who had anything valuable stolen from their house even after having open parties with hundreds of random people. I knew guys in bands who had expensive equipment that was always being left in unlocked apartments and garages. No expensive band equipment stolen that I'm aware of. I lived in an apartment that was full of expensive audio equipment and there was a hole in the front door big enough to crawl through.

Think about that, in IV you can be relatively safe leaving your door unlocked - it's actually a very safe community for the most part. As long as I don't end up being hassled by the cops, I would feel safer blacked out drunk in IV than just about anywhere in the country. Same if I were female, though I still don't recommend it. However I heard someone saying they saw a girl near passed out in IV and called them a cab back to their place downtown, imo she would have been safer staying at the party in IV.

On No Vacancy in Isla Vista

Posted on October 17 at 11:29 a.m.

DavyBrown, your definition of wilderness is a government definition. My definition of wilderness is the english language definition. Again, I can't imagine a ban on motor vehicles in all wilderness areas, or even most wilderness areas. People have the right to travel, the government owns way too much land in this country and it is highly restrictive to our right to travel.

I am ok with preserves with areas that have certain restrictions, but I think generally the current restrictions are far too much.

On Hiking, Dogs, and Bears

Posted on October 17 at 10:55 a.m.

"I have a solution: Ask yourselves "What were we doing differently as a society BEFORE the culture of rape became epidemic on (some) of our college campuses?"-billclausen

What epidemic? Rape is down something like 50% over the last 40 years, what you are hearing is a bunch of feminists propaganda coming directly from the establishment to help propel Hillary Clinton into office in 2016.

On Youth in Peril

Posted on October 17 at 10:51 a.m.

"the dangers of the darker elements, the grimness of a party culture fueled by alcohol."

The dangerous elements and grimness of an alcohol fueled party culture are very rare, if you've actually ever been in these type of environments you'd know that nearly everyone is having a great time.

A few people here and there who are kind of prudish decide it isn't for them and many of them end up writing columns for certain weekly online readers.

On Youth in Peril

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