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Posted on September 12 at 3:39 p.m.

lol, I'm an anarchist, or voluntarist, I think forced taxation is equal to slavery.

Our current system hurts the poor and creates more poverty by stealing wealth to fight wars for the military industrial complex and the welfare state guts poor communities of their economic base and causes them to be forever reliant on the government for support.

On Anti-Vaxxers on the Rise

Posted on September 12 at 2:52 p.m.


On Should Scotland be an independent country?

Posted on September 12 at 2:26 p.m.

How do you get well written regulations when politicians are bought off???

Impossible, I say..

The market is more rational and reliable when people's rights and property are being protected. Those who make bad decisions go out of business, or sell their land to somebody who makes better decisions.

On Cuyama Groundwater Study Presented to Supes

Posted on September 12 at 12:51 p.m.

"And in Cuyama mandate the farming of less water-reliant crops."

Great, now if i move to Cuyama and have a few tomato plants in my backyard I might get lit up by a SWAT team raid cuz Davy wants government mandates on crops...

As the price of water increases in that area, economic forces will push farmers to grow less water reliant crops.. No need for guns, Davy.. I'm the pro-2nd amendment guy and I'm more averse to gun violence than the progressives here.. Go figure..

On Cuyama Groundwater Study Presented to Supes

Posted on September 12 at 11:44 a.m.

Here's a weird story:

"Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters To Chop Down NorCal Marijuana Grows

...They work for a security company called Lear Asset Management."

On Police for Lease?

Posted on September 12 at 11:31 a.m.

krb2014, if you read my posts above you would know they have a new peer reviewed study that found fraud within the research as well as most recently a senior scientist at the CDC came forward as a whistle blower to state that he was told to suppress data that showed a link between vaccines and autism.

So yes, of course you will find studies that find no link between autism and vaccines, likely because they are fraudulent or have information suppressed. There are also a lot of studies and evidence that vaccines do cause autism.

They have taken thimersol out of most vaccines but there is debate as to whether ingredients that replaced the thimsersol or other ingredients in vaccines may also cause brain damage since we did not see a large reduction in the cases of autism. However more children are being vaccinated for the flu nowadays and that is one vaccine that still contains thimersol.

On Anti-Vaxxers on the Rise

Posted on September 12 at 11:22 a.m.

"I wanna talk about Mexican relations with the government of Belguim and how it might impact NATO in the 21st century."

"The Mexican Air Force has spotted 11 UFOs surrounding a jet, and I'm like F****!!, MEXICO HAS AN AIR FORCE!?!?"" -Joe Rogan

On Fraudster Takes 10-Year Deal

Posted on September 12 at 11:09 a.m.

Nah Jarvis, sorry, herb doesn't do that, certainly not by itself. Plenty of studies show overall accident rates and accidents that cause death among cannabis users are about the same or lower than sober drivers. The irony is that cannabis users tend to be younger and more risk taking than the general population which would put them in the category to have more accidents otherwise. However cannabis causes drivers to be much more cautious than they normally would be. Being more cautious can mean driving more cautiously out on the road, but often times that means if they feel they have had too much and can't drive, they will tend to act more cautious and not get behind the wheel to begin. Alcohol and some other substances take away people's inhibitions and judgement which can cause people to drive when it is unsafe.

Xanax and Ambien have become more popular for medicinal and recreational use during the same time and abusing those substances, especially mixing them with alcohol could certainly have the potential to cause a person to get on the freeway going the wrong way.

On Caltrans Examines Wrong-Way Collisions

Posted on September 12 at 10:43 a.m.

Nope, sorry pk, "... because nature unadorned is insufficiently surprising and magical" insinuates that it is some how insulting or degrading to nature in some way to decorate it with man's creations, those who do so don't appreciate nature in it's own natural beauty enough and we should always leave every natural place the way it is for people to enjoy that way and says nothing about this specific piece of art.

All I've said is that people should be free to express themselves out in nature and as long as it is a short term project with a reasonable time frame and it is cleaned up we should be grateful for their efforts - whether we are encapsulated by that particular piece or not, we should encourage people with artistic vision to express themselves for those who do appreciate it and allow them to reach their potential as creators.

On Knitting Psychedelic Day Dreams

Posted on September 12 at 3:40 a.m.

Their main reason for wanting to separate is because they don't want to keep paying for the wars and they also want to get the nuclear warheads out of their country.

On Should Scotland be an independent country?

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