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Posted on May 25 at 12:50 p.m.

Outdoor tables in parks is common place in Europe and Asia and the game is just as much fun as indoor sometimes more. There are even special outdoor balls if you are worried about a little wind but most of the time it has no affect. Equipment can cost $5.00 if you bring your own or nothing if provided by the Library or a local business. In Europe they supply the bats and balls in a basket attached to the tables sometimes and no one steals them. Any concrete can receive an anti-graffitti coating and then simply be hosed off and it is gone. Outdoor table tennis is way more inclusive than indoor facilities or clubs, it invites passers-by to "give it a try" and you will find people playing each other that might never interact in any other way. It doesn't just exercsie the body but the brain and even helps with alzheimers patients. I love to walk by and see a seasoned silver player schooling a 20+ person who thought it was going to be the other way around. People with disabilities can play too. And you might be surprised, instead of the homeless sleeping on it, you might just find them playing ping pong and having a blast. Everybody is deserving of a little joy in life.

On Ping Pong for Library Plaza?

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