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Posted on October 29 at 11:03 p.m.

You should have called cops anyway after leaving the area. You were doing your civic duty so you should not feel bad although you did the correct thing by getting away.

If you had called the cops---you should have told them that he had assaulted the woman, threw her dog into the air like a rock and theatened you with a gun, a description of the man, the woman, the dog, the car she was driving---for all you know he was a car hijacker. Please call the police to see if they have any reports of woman missing.

IT would have been better that you had called the cops first before speaking to the fellow. If you have a video of this incidence , it is not too late to report this to police which you should and use the video as evidence. I urge you to do so especially if you have him on camera or voice threatening you.

This man is apparently guilty of animal cruelty, domestic violence, assault, threatened assault with a deadly weapon, not to mention in violation of the Unruh act. That is enough, if he is convicted ,to put him away for many years to come. IF he was her husband; ths woman needs to leave him because he has probably beaten her up before and will continue to do so until one day he gets very angry and murders her.

People do have the right to privacy and this right has been repeatedly confirmed by the US Supream Court and the case law is long on this ---the latest is the ruling under Lawrence vs Texas. However, this was a public disturbance so you were within your rights to call police. It is always best to call them first rather than to get yourself severely injured or killed. Unless you are trained police officer ---it is best to stay out of such situations and call the cops---but staying so you can observe what is going on. Even a single cop in this case would have called for backup. However, some cracker jack criminal lawyer might call you down because he feels that you were violating the privacy of this woman and the man in a rather perverse sting. Your defense is that you were doing your civic duty and would have made a citizen's arrest had he not threatened you.

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