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Posted on July 12 at 4:36 p.m.

Okay, I was there and my kid was directly effected by this situation. So...if you weren't there you shouldn't comment. BTW, Donna Ronzone is a stand up Principal and I'd support her side in this one. Walk a mile in her shoes before you point fingers. Those that complain are those that don't know or support the school in either financial or manpower ways. So get all your facts before you comment. This is a waste of tax payer funds (the lawsuit) and YOU TAXPAYERS had to pay for his salary AND that of a sub the last 2 years while he's off figuring out his life. I"m sorry he's got challenges but in a non-public environment he wouldn't be allowed a second chance,MUCH LESS then sue his boss. He was a non-performer, end of story.

On Teacher Files Lawsuit Against School District

Posted on May 20 at 11:21 p.m.

I'm SHOCKED at this. Those of us in the recent burn areas are still navigating around utility trucks trying to restore services still out, restoration companies, clean up crews AND all the lookie-loos. So in addition we have to add hikers?

Mountain Drive was closed to residents for a long time to only residents to give them all some space. Personally, while my house still stands but I am surrounded by peripheral damage (to include 3 decimated neighbors) I'm not ready for people poking around my yard. I live on Tunnel and think this is inappropriate to open the road so soon. None of us want to become spectacles, plus our trail CANNOT handle any traffic now.

While we recover from the fire every day we now have our minds thinking of rain, loose debris, loose rocks, no root systems and mudslide possibilities within the year. Until we know how stable the hillside is wouldn't it be smart to keep people away for awhile?

Keep the traffic away until we can get up/down the road easily. Keep the spectators away; we're not ready physically OR emotionally. Our insurance guys are still here! Protect our trail for a little while longer until we know what the future holds with our unstable hillside!
It's emotional enough as it is, much less becoming a side show and having to deal with additional UNNECESSARY bodies, dogs and traffic.

Give us some time to heal, PLEASE.

Jen Jones
Tunnel Rd Resident

On Jesusita Burn Area Trails Re-Open

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