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Posted on June 21 at 10:50 a.m.

Can someone fix the smoking problem at my apartment too? I'm so sick of running around during the evenings to close the windows once my neighbors decide to smoke. I can't breathe in this place! Why are there still so many smokers? People are more intelligent than this! The same goes for my walk up State. Every 10 feet there is a different smoker and Street half the time, it is a homeless person.

This article just scratches at the bigger issue of the individual's right not to inhale second-hand smoke! I am sick and tired of having to breathe in second-hand smoke in my apartment and in public. Raise the cigarette tax $100/carton or create specific buildings where people can smoke (a la the weed bars). I really don't care what the solution is but I shouldn't be inhaling it nor should my tax dollars be funding the increased health care costs because of it!

On Faulding Residents Bemoan Smoking

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