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Posted on June 2 at 10:26 a.m.

i've spent almost half of my life in isla vista, first as a student, then helping this community find love and light through the food co-op and other organizations and projects.. i've had a hard time trying to explain what keeps me here, and what drives the inspiration.. thank you hannah for putting words to a lot of what's in my heart, especially after this past week. you, lady, are a force (much like the epic abby wolff, project we own it campaign organizer), and we're lucky to have you. i also hope that as this generation of students moves forward from this tragedy that the responsibility of remembrance is maintained, and that we're able to find ways to allow our sadness to propel us toward resiliency and a stronger community for the long-haul. i for one am up for the challenge. #ivstrong.

On We Paddle Out in Remembrance

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