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Posted on March 6 at 8:43 a.m.

The Ignorant Grunt of; "all of science agrees"
Climate science's 99% certainty was anything anyone wanted it to be except sustainable in "belief" and it's 34 years without achieving climate action to SAVE THE PLANET 100% proof.
Deniers don't condemn their own children so easily and with such sickening childish glee as well.
.And get up to date;
*Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.
34 years and no climate action. The people of planet earth have spoken.
How can decades of needless panic not be considered a war crime in the history books?

On Focusing on Climate Change

Posted on December 7 at 8:55 p.m.

It wasn't a hoax for science to never to say that it's "PROVEN" that "the end is near" but it is a crime for you conservative hating "believers" to exaggerate 32 years of science's "could be" consensus and fear monger our children just as an excuse to hissy fit hate right wingers.

On Climate Change Talks Drag On in Lima

Posted on April 2 at 11:21 a.m.

Science is 100% certain the planet is not flat and are 95% certain Human CO2 is "possibly" killing it? This climate blame blunder is pure Reefer Madness for history to laugh at.
Since science won't say; "proven" or "inevitable" or "100%", it doesn't allow you remaining "believers" to tell our children it WILL be a crisis. You can't speak for science or "believe" more than they.
Science has never "believed" beyond; "could be" and 95% so what's to "believe" in? That "could be" is sustainable in "belief" for another 32 years?
Big oil didn't lie and science didn't commit any hoax; it was you "believers" who exaggerated a consensus of nothing. Who's the neocon again?

On The Climate's a-Gonna Change

Posted on December 26 at 9:24 p.m.

The Reefer Madness of Climate Blame

You remaining climate blame believers must never fear monger our children again telling them that they WILL be doomed to a CO2 climate crisis until science says it firs and they finally agree on something beyond just "could be" a climate crisis. Is that too much to ask?
Respect the literal word of science and only threaten our children with science's "maybe" crisis not YOUR own little; "will be" a crisis consensus, no matter how much you wanted this misery to have been real.
The only crisis you remaining blamers and doomers have to worry about is how you’re grand kids will explain to their kids how you so selfishly and so easily and with such sickening childish glee (at the mere grunt of an exaggerated consensus headline) sentenced them all to a CO2 climate crisis.
Or are you remaining believers willing to face criminal charges for uttering your CO2 death threats to billions of helpless children when CO2 science is proven in court to be the tragic exaggeration that it is?
Deniers are better planet lovers; we don't fear monger our kids to LOVE the planet like neocons.
And get up to date like real progressives;
*Occupywallstreet now does not even mention CO2 in its list of demands because of the bank-funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets ruled by politicians.
*Canada killed Y2Kyoto with a freely elected climate change denying prime minister and nobody cared, especially the millions of scientists warning us of unstoppable warming (a comet hit).
*Julian Assange is of course a climate change denier.
*Obama had not mentioned the crisis in two State of the Unions addresses.
Climate change was a lazy copy and paste news editor's dream come true.

On Air Pollution Control District Hears from Climate Change Denier

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