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Posted on March 15 at 10:48 a.m.

Hey, hey, kids slow down! Who said you'll never be able to afford anything there? For corn sake, do you know what every night of the week of the rest of the year and decade holds? NO. I just booked tickets for a world class dance ensemble, coming in May, and I got the top of the line BOX SEATS for $40. Try doing that in LA, SF, NY. You won't be able to. And, I'll be sitting up there like the Queen, flask in my jacket, friends at my side, opera glasses on a stick, watching every move and spying on the other patrons in a world-class, intimate venue. It's LIVE THEATER, Baby, SUPPORT THE ARTS!! Dress up and splurge!!

On Granada's Re-Opening: Suitably Grand?

Posted on January 25 at 9:14 a.m.

Finally, as I read through the comments it seems as if people are remembering that the evidence in a case is presented in a court room, not a newspaper. I agree with "livinginsb" that the article written by Seefeld was skewed. I also attended the trial and was there most days. Seefeld did not mention the DNA evidence found on Frimpong, his scrotum, penis and under his fingernails. She did not mention the time and effort spent by the prosecutor delineating the different forms of bodily secretions and the ability to somewhat differentiate between sources of the fluid, such as tears, saliva, vaginal fluids. This was presented in court, through scientists with the benefit of being cross-examined as thoroughly as either side desires. Seefeld also states that the jury was somehow composed by the prosecutor, but has she forgotten the jury is decided by both prosecution and defense attorneys? Both sides have the ability to remove jurors based on both "cause" and no cause whatsoever. I suggest Seefeld look at her own motives and be more honest and balanced in her perspective next time. Or perhaps the Independent edited the article for space and left out some of these facts. Nonetheless, it comes across as a hack piece.

On None

Posted on November 16 at 8:03 a.m.

The media should take a look at the recently fired ADMHS Assistant Director, Heidi Garcia, in order to fill in more information regarding that $5,000,000 deficit from the previous year. There is more to this story than the department having trouble collecting money from the feds and the request from County COO asking for departmental reductions.

On Mental Health Braces for Budget Bloodbath

Posted on October 11 at 10:14 a.m.

I think the PHF should consider taking voluntary admits, too. This way the clients who need the care, yet are afraid the "involuntary" admit will be reflected on their records and therefore affect job or other opportunities, won't have that concern. If the county wants Cottage to take involuntary admissions, they should be willing to compromise, too, and allow their very own clients to be admitted voluntarily when they need hospitalization for med/mood stabilization.

No where in this article is it mentioned that the county also does not provide beds for anyone under the age of 18 or over the age of 64. This means if you are in these age ranges and must be hospitalized, you will, by necessity be leaving the county for the care you need.

Cottage is able to care for people over 64 on the Psychiatric Unit if they are able to maintain a minimum of self-care such as personal hygiene and ability to move about the unit on their own steam.

Our community is not alone in this quandry, we Americans make this choice daily not to properly fund all sorts of people in need. The mental health community is an important part of this neglected area of American culture. Our tax money should be spent in more humane and responsible ways than funding war where we are not wanted or needed (among other areas of waste too numerous to mention).

On Standoff Over Psych Admissions Continues

Posted on October 5 at 8:41 a.m.

I know this is stating the obvious, and most of us who read the local news agree with my opinion, but I'm sooo angry at the Catholic Church's decision to kick out the Sisters. First they screwed innocent boy-believers (and girls, but that's not as newsworthy, for some reason) and now they are screwing the Sister-leaders. I don't understand how the Catholic Church is still in business. Why aren't people leaving them??? God can exist elsewhere for people who believe.

On Legalize Pot, Help the Uninsured

Posted on August 30 at 4:12 p.m.

It sure would be great if the Independent would put a link to the season's schedule in the article, or at least mention when the next game is. This goes for any sports articles. Thanks.

On UCSB National Soccer Champs Kick Off Against Westmont

Posted on August 3 at 9:45 p.m.

I wish the paper wouldn't use the label "transient" when referring to this woman who died recently. Transient sounds negative and removed, which creates an unnatural separation between those of us who are lucky enough to have housing and those who either can't afford it or who simply choose another way of life.

On Autopsy Gives Insight Into What Killed Transient

Posted on July 31 at 10:08 p.m.

I saw a brightly-dressed guru there several weeks ago, who seemed unusually interested in the koi. I wonder if there's a connection. He had a large canvas bag and made an arm move that I chalked up to "blessing". But now that I think of it, maybe he threw in some "fish food" that sent them belly-up. He was saying things like "Meadowlarks are connected to nature" and other deep thoughts.

On City Looks Into Dead Koi

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