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Posted on January 28 at 8:30 a.m.

good morning: in response to your article
==========regarding women having this so called "fat-phobia", well you may also like to know that this is also a male 'problem' too.

having personally experienced this "phobia" I find it most disturbing that people in general would assume this to be just a gender "problem! having been diagnosed as a chronic anorexic in my mid-twenties i have fought this problem of believing i am huge(fat) for close to 30 years.

on many occassions when my weight dipped far below the accepted "norms" i still felt incredibly "fat" and each time i literally had to fight with and for my life to be here today. to most people this may be cosidered fotunate that i have survived but to me this has not always been true.

in closing i would just like to conclude that this is "NOT" a gender discriminating problem and for those males who think similarly please feel free to contact this paper to add your own voice to this growing crisis. thank you and adios for now!

timothy annis

On Female Fat Phobia

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