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Posted on March 27 at 5:15 p.m.

The business of business is to expand and make more money.

On Chumash Want More Gamblers and Guests

Posted on September 1 at 8:34 a.m.

glad someone took the initiative for this law.

On Das's Wildlife Trapping Bill Signed Into Law

Posted on August 23 at 12:45 a.m.

Dr. Hosea has for years inspired his patients and colleagues. What a blessed community we have of such fine physicians, teachers, and more. Thank you, Dr. Hosea for continually expanding your and our spiritual paths.

On Meditation as Medicine

Posted on August 16 at 12:43 a.m.

There are two Medicine Shoppe stores in
Santa Baarbara; which one is mentioned in this law suit?

On Pharmacies Stay in 'Candyman' Suit

Posted on June 14 at 12:37 a.m.

Doesn't it seem the fee should be many times higher?

On Liberty Mutual Takes Over Courthouse Again

Posted on April 4 at 10:05 a.m.

Switzer Neighbor - that's excellent documentation. Impressive in details which helped me understand more the scale of this activity.

On ‘Party Houses’ Still Irking Neighbors

Posted on January 30 at 4:11 a.m.

Hope there's more put on the menu than sandwiches.

On The Shop Café Opens on Milpas

Posted on January 2 at 5:56 a.m.

Is this news or an infomercial?

On Ascending Health Juicery’s Good Medicine

Posted on October 10 at 3:58 a.m.

A Star Pine or similar tree located street side at the corner which had earlier been protected by the city was removed. The previous building was build leaving room for this towering tree. The tree had been there longer than the two most recent buildings on this corner.

On JM Holliday Associates Earns SB Beautiful Award

Posted on July 14 at 9:11 a.m.

Thank you SB News Press - for teaching us that your very weak journalism is unneeded - that there are other ways to read about local, national, and international events. We don't need SB News Press mean spirited attitudes - As for Marty Blum - there should be more people like her.

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