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Posted on August 20 at 4:54 a.m.

dearest starshine,

you poor, psychotic mess. what a profile in courage we have here! in this stereotype-laden piece of nonsense you have managed to peddle multitudes of myths that portray women as helpless and hapless hormonal time-bombs while also begging to be drugged (wine & carbohydrates - both terrible ideas if you really become what you describe above - i would suggest maybe some lithium and a smoothie) and threatening violence (please, don't throw anything at my head, i don't care how much it weighs) rather than supply your readers with a single useful fact.
sigh. i know you're not exactly a feminist, but you've outdone yourself here. i'm tempted to declare this your Worst Column Ever, but i have a new fear of you. lets just say its not your best. please don't cry. you can have any fork in the house. i'd wager you even know where the silverware drawer is, and can find it yourself.

here's the heart of my beef lady: we people, women and men, are cyclical creatures who would do well to develop deeper and more reality-based understanding of each other. menstruation, while often inconvenient and sometimes painful, rarely transforms women into monsters (i understand you have a severe reaction. i would suggest discussing this with your doctor) and men do not need to fear it.

more commonly, we get PMS, or our periods, and actually manage to continue functioning just fine! we still go to work! we still take care of the kids! we are able to laugh at jokes! we don't commit violence! we stay rational, sane, and are able to observe most social customs. crazy right?!

for those of us that have severe reactions, there are amazing new approaches to treatment, both holistic and medically-based that can support our women and families. but heres the thing: we would do well to help men (and boys and girls) understand what REALLY happens, not just repeat old stereotypes that define the gap between us, rather than seek to close it. i'll start.
here's what happens to me: i break out (i get 1-2 zits. its manageable. don't worry.) i have a slight energy slump. (i go to bed an hour early. every one gets extra tv. no body suffers!) i lose my appetite. (have all the brownies! mommy doesn't want one. yay!) i get a little quieter. (thats kind of nice too. as my energy shifts, so does everyone else's. if i'm talking less, you get to talk more. even better, we just have a quieter day or too.)
i'm still me. i'm a little slowed down (bleeding, remember?) and little more sensitive (again- bleeding. not psychotic. just bleeding.) but everyone has days when they are more or less sensitive, more or less energetic. none of us has to become abusive... right?!

On PMS: A Safety Guide for Men

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