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In order to understand the case with cps you need to know how it all started. On February 14 2009, we were in our RV in Palm Springs Ca, trying to head out to Colorado. We had packed up our things, and what was left went into storage. We had enough for the trip there, a down payment on a place, and job interviews set up. My family was not happy about Shawna coming out, and hated that we were leaving the state. With the move, RV repairs taking longer than expected, Shawna was missing her daily hormone pills. She was in, what I thought was a deep depression, feeling a lot of pain and self doubt with my families reaction to her coming out. but later found out from her doctor she was in a menopause state. Shawna threaten to kill herself and out of fear she might do it left and called 911. I asked for her to be taken in to a mental hospital for evaluation or something. I just wanted her to get help. Instead the Palm Springs Police arrested Shawna and charged her with domestic violence.
I left Palm Springs and went to Ventura, asked my sister to please keep my girls for a couple of weeks. They needed to be enrolled in school, I didn’t know you had to be licensed to home school children. At that point I did not know what we were going to do, my sister told me she would do it. She suggested I file for divorce, file for child support, move back to Ventura, she would quit her job, and have county pay her to watch the kids while I work. Said it was better then having a freak raise them. I told her I was going to take it one step at a time, I didn’t know if Shawna even wanted to work things out after what had took place. CPS from Riverside contacted me the next day and demanded I bring back my daughters. Told me I had no right to leave the county until they evaluated them. I got so upset I cursed them out. My children were not even in the RV at the time everything took place. They were in the car, I seen no reason for them to be involved, I told her I would be back in Palm Springs in a day or two but my children would be staying with family, their services were not needed. The worker said she would be in contact with me and would go see Shawna.
Over the next couple of weeks I would stay the night in Ventura every few days, but mostly stayed at hotel in Rancho Mirage. Not only to go to court for Shawna, but the RV still needed repaired and our dog was in there. I visited Shawna a few times, she told me on the 15th of Feb. CPS came to see her, and told her they were closing the case out as unfounded. At her court hearing the child endangerment charges were dismissed, and Shawna took a misdemeanor domestic violence plea, only because it had no jail time. Shawna was treated horrible while in jail, beat by the police when she was first arrested, and they refused to give her medication to her. When she was released, we decided to stay together, heal as a family. I called my sister to let her know, asking her if she would like to keep the girls for a couple more weeks, that way the family could spend some time with them while we drove out to Colorado and got settled. She said yes, but was upset asking what about “our plan.” I told her I never said that was what I wanted; that after talking it over with Shawna, and finding out from her doctor why she was acting that way, I felt this was the best choice. We would come see the girls for a couple of days and then head out.
The next day, March 2ndt, 2009 my sister calls me and says “You’re not going to like this but I don’t care, I went and got custody of the girls.” We started arguing, Shawna got on the phone and they argued. Shawna asked her why she would do this, “Your trying to take my nieces and my sister from me.” Shawna told her it was her family she didn’t have the right, my sister replied “Not anymore your not a father anymore they already have a mom.” We were not allowed to go see the girls, and she told us court was in April she would send me the paperwork and hung up.
We moved the RV to San Bernardino, and checked into a hotel. We found out that court was not in April that is was March, the next day. We did not make it to that court date due to a fatal car accident on the freeway, we got there after case had been heard, even though we called the court and told the judges secretary we had not been given notice and were rushing to get there. I am not sure about the exact dates but will be able to find out.
Shawna was arrested on a warrant out of Santa Barbara, for the charge in Palm Springs violated her probation. We were so focused on the situation with the girls she didn’t think about having to report it. I took the RV to Santa Barbara and stayed at a park there until I could find one to permanently rent a space from. Due to the age of the RV and having a 2yr old, not many places would allow us. I found one in Bakersfield and set up appointment for April 23, 2009 to sign lease and hook up. I had enough money to pay for four months in advance allowing me time to get a job, and get my girls home.
CPS from Ventura Co calls me, worker said they were doing follow up since I didn’t make it to court. When I explained everything to her she said to come in ASAP to get the ball rolling on getting my girls back. When I arrived, me and the baby were locked in a room. One worker started to ask me questions about charges listed in this report she had from the court dated April 17th 2009, charges I had never heard of. Another worker examined my son, telling me they needed to “check” him. They told me they were taking him because of all the charges in the report, they needed to make sure he was safe. I told them no, none of the charges were true. They brought two Ventura Sherriff in. The only reason I let go of my son, was the officer told me it was hard enough on the baby, don’t make him see you go to jail to. I left, my sister called and we started to argue, she threatened me so I turned around and called the cops on her. They put me in handcuffs. She had called cops on me seven times over the past weeks saying I was threatening to kill her. Told them I had switched the vin number on my car. The officer told me she said I called her house phone that day. The cops looked through my cell phone when I told them she changed her house number when she took my kids and never gave me the number. He also seen that I had not called her she had been the one calling my cell phone. He called her up told her if she made one more report she would go to jail, he was releasing me. Advised me to go back into CPS and arrange visiting with my son. I did, and worker asked me about going to inspect the RV, I told her it was still in Santa Barbara, she said never mind we will do it another time.
I read through this report they gave me, there was so many charges in this report, arrests that never happened. One stated we were arrested for lewd and lascivious acts on a minor, another saying we were under investigation for burglary when in fact we were the ones who were robbed. My family statements, ripped my heart to pieces. My sister saying how it just doesn’t set right with her about how Shawna is. Lying saying I was on drugs staying at her house days at a time sleeping and leaving the baby for them to take care of. I couldn’t believe what was said, my daughters saying they were scared of Shawna when they adored her. I couldn’t believe my sister the one who taught me to never to judge never to hate, was judging and hating my wife for no reason other than she was a transsexual, and nobody else could see this? Statements wrote by a person that I never talked to, and a statement Shawna never gave, she never got a chance to speak with the mediator from Ventura yet they had a half of page filled with words she never said. My daughter telling me her head hurt cause she was confused on what to say.
On April 28th 2009 I went to court. Never told why they weren’t returning my son, even though the arrest record was no longer there. The long list of CPS allegations against Shawna and I were made after my sister had the girls in her care, some even made after Shawna was in jail. My lawyer told me not to fight it in Ventura, I would have a better chance in getting my son back in Santa Barbara. The following court date, they did transfer it to Santa Barbara. Telling me I needed to have DV classes, parenting, and see a therapist. I wanted to know why there had to be Dv classes taken there was never any domestic violence at all. The cws report completely contradicted the police report, Stating there was no food or adequate shelter. When there was, declared my son a resident of Ventura Co. when we were living in Santa Barbara. I asked if I was supposed to have been the victim in all of this why. I wanted to know why I couldn’t have my son in my care, if Shawna was not in the home. He told me just let the transfer go through and fight it there.
I was told in Santa Barbara I was charged with neglect, and child endangerment also. That I failed to comply with cps in Riverside and Ventura Co. When the only time I was ever contacted by them were the two times I mentioned already.
CPS in SB cancelled several visits when the case was first transferred, due to lack of staffing to supervise, and then allowing my son, without telling me until the day before, to go out of state to Utah with the foster family. Even despite my protest, I was told I had no right to tell them no.
The case plan was updated again at the next court because services we still not started, not because me but lack of services available. I believe this happened twice. My therapy didn’t start until September, and where stopped at the end of the year because the therapist did not receive approval for payment to proceed.
Shawna was released from jail in the end Nov. 2009. Made an appointment with CPS worker and tried to get her case plan started. In January the parenting classes began, yes we were a little reluctant at first, for two reasons, one, everything the instructor was telling us we basically already did, two Shauna found it disgusting to wear an ear piece several people throughout the day would wear. But she only complained the one time and agreed for the sake of our son to wear it. Yet for months she was ridiculed and scolded for it. We had been asking for increase in visiting times, and told soon, we also wanted over night visits or weekend visits so the girls could see their brother more, or changing times to late afternoon one day a week. We were never allowed to causing girls to rarely see their brother. At one point the cws worker told me the court did not care about me having other children. Shawna’s therapy still had not started, due to lack of funding. My lawyer and Shawna’s brought it before the court to drop the therapy, since she would be doing same type of classes through probation. The judge agreed, yet CWS did not drop the therapy, they added the classes for probation to the case plan. A friend of ours in Lompoc gave us a room to stay in, and transportation back and forth to Santa Barbara for our visits and classes. Being a mother and school teacher herself, knew what we were going through, and wanted to help us get our son home and us back on our feet. The CWS worker refused to take this as reliable housing.
A TDM meeting was held, my lawyer was not present. Shawna’s lawyer said he would represent us both at the meeting. Come to find out later that was a conflict of interest and should not have been allowed. The majority of the meeting again Shawna was scolded for the ear piece incident months before. We asked repeatedly to receive discovery on the case. I was told to ask my lawyer, and they moved on. Shawna was told by her lawyer to just do the fucking case plan or sign her rights away and get it over with. Throughout the meeting the baby’s lawyer, kept referring to Shawna as he and him despite Shawna’s request for her to please respect her and not do that. Rudely replied I am not talking to you I am talking to your lawyer. When the meeting was over Shawna got up and left. The following report CWS worker states Shawna became combative during the meeting. Again we ask our lawyers for the evidence against us, we were told at that point we were told we were beating a dead horse get the case plan done. My lawyer told me to file for a divorce, that was my best bet to get my son home, I didn’t stand a chance with Shawna.I told her I wanted her to point out to the court the allegations were all made after girls were in my sisters care, how could they use that against us? She said there was no point in arguing that there was a case plan I had to complete it.
She also states how she was never told we moved to Lompoc, then states I had stated I sometimes say things without thinking we never moved there. The following report, again states CWS had no knowledge of us moving to Lompoc, and offered us bus passes. Again through the report she twists mine and Shawna’s statements, calling Shawna shawn several times in the report. Also my therapist report. Stated to the court my therapist did not feel I was fit to be a mother at the time. When I received the copy of my therapists report it stated no such thing. When Shawna asked the cws worker about it, she said oh it was in a conversation we had not from the report. In the final report all objectives for Shawna marked objective not met, yet the disruption underneath refers to her meeting them. The cws lawyer also kept referring to Shawna as him and he, Shawna asked her lawyer to please ask him to stop he said quit being so sensitive about it. We were also informed the visits with the adopted parents were going to be started just to make sure Daniel would have smooth transfer to new family if needed.
She had asked me what we do on our visits with the girls, I let her know it depended on what weather, money, etc. Gave her an example of mother’s Day weekend. We stayed on the beach between Ventura and Santa Barbara, but would not be doing that to much because it was $27 a night just to park, and $47 night to hook up. She puts in her report we often stayed at the beach paying $80 a night. At one meeting we had with cws worker she turned and stated we needed to get the case plan moving and done we were approaching the 18month mark. We reminded her we were doing everything they needed to provided services. She turned and stated “our main goal is to return Daniel to a normal, stable family environment, and you guys need to stop blaming everyone else just get it done.”
In June our visits were taken due to us having to reschedule 3, one for a job interview another due to illness, and another to a blow out on the freeway. We never canceled we always tried to reschedule. I had my lawyer put us on calendar immediately since during the court they didn’t even try to stop it, also to see if we were to continue the parenting classes. The day before court, I was arrested for a warrant for driving on an expired license. But questioned on a stolen credit card that was used by someone in Ventura. Clearly not me. Before I was even booked into county for the warrant, the CWS worker calls my mother in Las Vegas to inform her I was arrested for credit card theft in front of my kids. Even though my bail was posted early in the night, I was not released until just before court. I was not able to go shower get shoes, or even be proper to appear in court, called and left my lawyer a message letting her know what happen. Asked her to please let me know what the court findings where. She left me a message telling me court was put off until the 14th. CWs worker leaves me an email stating I missed PCIT classes, I asked my lawyer she didn’t tell me we were able to go after all. We went back and forth through email about it and then I noticed she was not only emailing me but forwarding them to Shawna’s lawyer and the CWS worker. I asked her why our conversations were being forwarded and she stated “So that everyone is informed of what is happening on your case. ESPECIALLY Shauna's attorney. I don't want there to be any more clarity about what has happened or is being said.” So I clarified and stated I could see maybe forwarding some with Shawna’s lawyer, with my permission, but again why she would forward our conversations to the CWS worker. She never replied. At court I told her I didn’t feel she had my best interest in mind, she never does what I ask, and now the forwarding of the emails, I no longer wanted her to represent me. I was told it was not my choice I wanted to address the court on the matter, Daniel Murphy told me no.
We had seen my son once a month for supervised visits. The day before the visit in July I get a phone call from CWS worker calls me up and tells me, My son had fractured his leg, she didn’t know if he got a cast or not but knew he saw a specialist over the weekend. IT had happened while; my three year old son was jumping on a trampoline, with other children and one feel on his leg, almost a week prior. I became very upset, and asked her how she could not know what happened with my son a week later. The CWS worker said she had been out of the office in the field all week and had not had a chance to talk to foster family to get all the details. I became more than a little upset at that point and demanded to know whether my son had a major, minor, compound, fracture, if he had a cast at all. She told me I didn’t have the right to be upset I could find out at the supervised visit tomorrow, and hung up the phone. Hours I made all the phone calls I could to find out from anyone if what my sons condition was, finally crying to the angels worker who I was told never to call. She did take pity to let me know he was cast, it was just a hairline fracture. We had only a couple more visits, trail was set for Oct. 19th. We were caught in the rain traffic coming from Lompoc, Called the lawyers let them know we were just a few minutes out and please ask the judge to give us a few minutes we were coming there was a storm, and coming down Lompoc grade was horrible. We should up 15minutes, and judge wouldn’t wait striped our parental rights. Neither lawyer would file an appeal even though we were promised they would. Both my mother and Shawna’s sister were denied to adopt him, still not given a reason. There is so much more it would take days to list.
please help they lied and falsified reports and stole my son i have proof of my claim

please step up against cws cps

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