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Posted on May 25 at 6:27 a.m.

The Board of Supervisors has scheduled a PUBLIC HEARING RE THE OIL SPILL ON TUESDAY. Purpose -- to receive an update on the spill and to ratify the emergency proclamation issued by the Office of Emergency Services. This item is #1 on the agenda. Starts 9:00am in Santa Maria, but can participate by direct hookup from Santa Barbara Cty 105 E. Anapamu 4th Floor. Go or write an email to the Supes c/o Clerk of the Board:

·         Urge the County to demand assurances that all pipelines, even those under fed jurisdiction, are equipped with automatic shutdown technology to prevent spills like this!
·         Encourage enhanced efforts in the future to respond to INLAND spills so that no oil reaches the ocean
·         Ask the County to provide regular public briefings (or allow the public in on the broader agency media briefings)
·         ESTABLISH TRAINING for volunteers so the public can help.


On Refugio Volunteers Turned Away

Posted on April 13 at 5:34 a.m.

ANYBODY on this string see why nothing gets done? You all rag politically until you feel satiated--or stamp off with elevated BP--and not ONE of you will instead get to a council, board or commission meeting to get real change done. You who hate guvmint so much are as much to blame for lack of positive action. How about Tom Block's effort to promote good actions instead of grandstanding? Any of you doing your utmost at home? At work? Encouraging neighbors, offering your help? Protecting instead of badmouthing? Get off your butts and report water waste when and where you see it to the perps and to the enforcers. Up your own efforts. If you have money, use it to help more to conserve. Stop wasting airtime.

On Unsustainable Santa Barbara

Posted on March 11 at 8:05 a.m.

I'm so sad to learn of Lola's passing. She was a member of Save Ellwood Shores, and for years lent her strength and humor to our work, the protection of Ellwood Mesa from development, and eventually its acquisition by the new City of Goleta as its gem of a seaside natural open space. Two special "Lola" moments come to mind today.

When SES looked to engage the larger community with block parties, kiosks and tabling at various events, it was Lola whose artistry at the sewing machine created our first adult-sized pair of monarch wings in ripstop orange nylon, black and white. I wore them myself: time and again, they made a sensation, twice in the annual Santa Barbara Summer Solstice parades.

Lola made an imposing presence at hearings. When so many of us had to work up courage to testify to the science, history and public use of our beloved Ellwood Mesa, Lola tread that path like a queen. In fact, I hear her voice in my mind now as one evening in the early 1990s she took up the issue of walking access across the mesa grassland. She stood, magnificently, no thin person herself, demanding the path design be properly safe and wide for "real people" to pass one another, ending with "...and what Lola wants, Lola GETS!" She sure did have a lovely choral voice too.

We will miss you, Lola, in hearts made glad for your indomitable spirit, the very essence of community spirit you lent to us all. My love to her family and friends.

On Obituary for Lola Nava Guerra

Posted on January 31 at 3:14 a.m.

Thanks for illuminating this mystery! Now, instead of criticizing the homely barricades we thought carelessly left about in between bouts of busting illegal parking on County Bowl concert nights, we'll cheer the ingenuity that is saving Anapamu's unique stone pines.

On Saving the Stone Pines

Posted on June 30 at 3:34 a.m.

I am going over to see the damage. Cris Sandoval, glad you and family were safe! I'll join in to help restore the area. People commenting, please stick to the story. And a word to all: BONFIRES, FIREWORKS, MATCHES and alcohol have caused trouble before at Ellwood Mesa and beach areas adjacent, including Coal Oil Point's precious plover habitat. It's not the eucs, it's the dry grasses. KEEP it safe! As a born-on-the Fourth resident of Ellwood for many years and a plover docent, I've joined volunteer patrols to ensure my neighbors and wildlife are unthreatened on my birthday. It was always worth it.

On Tank Fire Rips Through University Reserve

Posted on October 2 at 12:25 p.m.

I commuted for years from downtown to upper State Street; shopping, recycling, lunchtime errands all easier than messing with a car. Now, for one year I've lived in northern Connecticut; no safe streets, no designated paths, no parking facilities, lousy weather. Oh, and no coffeehouses. These are my top criteria for judging a place liveable, let alone civilized. So of course I am coming back to SB/Goleta. People, I'll see you out there! By the way, have customized fenders put on, wear your crazy-bright gear, and join your bike clubs and the Bike Coalition. Your safe future is in your own hands.

On Bike Commute Numbers Spike

Posted on September 26 at 12:20 p.m.

Proof it is no sin to live in synch with the sea and sun. I am coming home, Santa Barbara!!

On Real People Take Buses

Posted on December 19 at 5:35 p.m.

The closure of the Sisquoc is a sensible decision; you need steelhead to fish for steelhead! More importantly, restoring a viable population is the right thing to do. The fish is a "local". Of course the Sisquoc should have been closed to avoid overfishing back in 1997--Thank goodness some tenacious people do more than flap their lips when it comes to preserving the wild. Thank you, EDC and Fish and Game!

On Fishing Banned on Sisquoc River

Posted on October 24 at 2:51 p.m.

"In addition to Saran Wrap, Ziploc bags, and those adorable Scrubbing Bubbles, Dow Chemical has given the world ruptured breast implants, Agent Orange, and a number of other unsavory "innovations." Is that what UCSB will help them do more of? Check out, search on "the truth about Dow". The DOW Infomercial you just published is missing highly relevant, easy-to-find data on Dow's history and of campus activity around that company. MIght we also see a line about Bhopal?

On UCSB Awarded $15 Million by Dow Chemical Company

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