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Posted on January 24 at 1:52 p.m.


On Peet's Removes Local Art Following Complaint

Posted on April 13 at 2:29 p.m.

Yea for open-carry! Of course this could never happen in a Starbucks!?!?!?

An 83-year-old man has been arrested after his gun went off inside the 24-Hour Fitness Center at the Sunvalley Mall on Sunday night, according to the Concord Police Department.

It appears the shooting happened by accident, said Lt. Steve Dyer.

At approximately 6:00PM, CPD officers were dispatched to the 24 Hour Fitness Center located at Sun Valley Mall regarding an elderly male suspect who fired a handgun inside the business.

The suspect was located sitting in his vehicle parked in the west parking lot of the mall near the front of the gym. He was detained without incident and a loaded handgun was located inside his vehicle.

The subsequent investigation revealed the suspect, who is a member of the gym, carried the loaded handgun in his gym bag and entered the locker room. At one point the gym bag was either dropped or bumped and the handgun discharged, firing one round into a wall.

Numerous patrons were nearby when the handgun was inadvertently fired and fortunately nobody was injured during the incident.

The suspect (83 year old Howard Ralph Adams of Concord) was arrested and transported to the Concord City Jail.

He was booked on a felony charge of Willful Discharge of a Firearm in a Negligent Manner, as well as the misdemeanor charges of Carrying a Concealed Weapon/Firearm in a Vehicle and Carrying a Loaded Firearm in Public.

Adams was released pending case review by the District Attorney's Office.

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On Open Carry at Starbucks

Posted on April 12 at 2:42 p.m.

You want to use the "car is equally dangerous so why don't we ban them" argument, then apply the same kind of logic that exists in motor vehicle law.
I suggest we use the German automobile speed model. There is no national speed limit in Germany but there is an "advisory limit" of 81 mph. Go faster and you're presumed to be at least partly at fault in any accident.
You want the right to legally open-carry, then accept the consequence that if any resulting harm or damage occurs and you brandished or fired, you're presumed to be at least partly at fault.
The burden of proof then becomes yours to prove otherwise. More power to ya', more money for lawyers.

On Open Carry at Starbucks

Posted on April 2 at 1:37 p.m.

Theodor Paul Albrecht (born 28 March 1922), generally known as Theo Albrecht, is a German entrepreneur, who in 2009 was ranked by Forbes magazine as the 9th richest person in the world, with a net worth of $18.8 billion. He owns and was the CEO of the Aldi Nord discount supermarket chain. In the US he owns the Trader Joe's specialty grocery store chain. His brother Karl Albrecht owns the Aldi Süd discount supermarket chain. The two chains originally were a single family enterprise until a friendly division of assets in 1960. Aldi Süd operates the Aldi groceries in the United States. So Aldi and Trader Joe's, while owned by the brothers, have separate and distinct ownership and operations.

In 1971, Theo was kidnapped for 17 days. A $3 million ransom was paid for his release.

Both Albrecht brothers are reclusive and little is known about their private life. The last published photo of Theo Albrecht dates to 1971, one day after his kidnapping. However, another photo of the two Albrecht brothers together was taken in 1987.

On Trader Joe’s Goes Sustainable Seafood

Posted on April 2 at 1:33 p.m.

Everything you wanted know about TJ:

On Trader Joe’s Goes Sustainable Seafood

Posted on April 2 at 1:46 a.m.

Sustainable seafood is seafood from either fished or farmed sources that can maintain or increase production in the future without jeopardizing the ecosystems from which it was acquired. (wiki)

I'm for "sustainable", from sustainable fisheries, but "farmed" is cause for concern. Why?

Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a report stating that farmed salmon purchased in the United States contain the highest level of PCBs in the food supply system.

EWG reported that farmed salmon have 16 times the PCBs found in wild salmon, 4 times the levels in beef, and 3.4 times the levels in other seafood. As a result, EWG recommends that consumers choose wild instead of farmed salmon, and they should eat an 8 oz serving of farmed salmon no more than once a month.

It is hoped that TJ will take that kind of data into account and favor sustainable fisheries rather than farmed sources.

On Trader Joe’s Goes Sustainable Seafood

Posted on April 2 at 1:33 a.m.

Actually, data collected included name, age, birth date, sex, address (if possible), ethnicity, and race. For census purposes, the last two are not the same, as you will notice if you look at your census form.

On Counting the People With and Without Homes

Posted on November 23 at 4 a.m.

Just love the way people like to jump to conclusions!

I really doubt it was just "$250k for a rock". More likely, it was taken out of a $250k donation, that also funded other operations or improvements at the Bowl. Having volunteered at the Bowl for the past nine years I know the foundation to be not that extravagant.

On The Rex Marchbanks Way

Posted on September 18 at 3:50 a.m.

As for dancing and having fun - yeah, I agree that's why you spent your money for that ticket, got all dressed up, headed up to the amazing Santa Barbara Bowl, threw back a couple of beers, and stumbled to your seats. But, MichelleR, just maybe the guy behind you, who also paid good money, would like to SEE the show as well as HEAR it. And he has as much right to sit there and soak it in as you do to move with it. So at least cut him a little slack and maybe sit out every other number so he can enjoy the experience as well. Down in the lower "floor" section of the bowl there is even a "dance" area off to the left side where you can shake your booty to your heart's content.

And, I would also suggest that if you're the guy behind, let her "get down" - at least for awhile - before you go ballistic. After all, just because you're not feelin' it doesn't mean it's not there.

"my2cents", I partially agree with you, about it's crazy to expect people to sit down during a "rocking song" (and there were certainly many of those at the Bonnie and Taj show), but "Angel from Montgomery" wasn't one, and to stand up and sway side to side blocking the view of the person behind who wants to see the singer's expression, watch her fingers on the guitar strings, as well as hear the words is just plain inconsiderate. And I've seen just that happen many times over. As you said yourself, "Who are you to say how someone should express themselves?"

On the other hand, if you come to next month's Blink 182 concert, and are bothered when there aren't any seats in the general admission "floor" area and you have to stand for 3 hours, or if you've got a seat in the upper sections and everyone in front of you is standing and dancing all night long, or if you're bothered by the smell of burning "herb" and occasional puddles of vomit, then you didn't do your homework and you should have stayed home.

On Middle-Aged Concert-Goers Behaving Badly

Posted on September 18 at 3:49 a.m.

Thanks Chuck, for the very insightful article and accurate observations. It's about time someone spoke up. I found most of your comments and suggestions to be fair and helpful.

As a volunteer usher for the past 9 years, and working between 15 and 25 concerts each year, I probably have had more opportunity to regularly observe the kind of behavior you cite, and that readers here have commented on. I also usher at the Arlington as well as attend shows at the Lobero and SoHo.

Your point about showing up late is a great place to start and your comments are 100% on the mark. Late arrival and seating is indeed disrespectful, annoying, and inconsiderate, especially if your seat is right in the middle of a row and you have to stumble past 10 or 15 people to get there.

And when you buy a ticket, it is for a specific seat, not the one in the row behind or two seats down from the one with your number on it, or for any random seat you take a liking to, such as those nice wicker ones in the "founders" section just to the rear of the "floor". We really do make an effort try to show, or at least direct, each patron or group to their actual seats. It's always great fun for us to take someone to their seat only to discover you're sitting in it, and it's 10 seats from the aisle, the show has started, the sun has set and it's dark and we have to climb in front of everyone to check your ticket and get you to the right seat.

On Middle-Aged Concert-Goers Behaving Badly

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