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Posted on May 10 at 6:56 a.m.

As we indicated in our press release, Chubb Wildfire Defense Services has coordinated its current wildfire defense efforts in Santa Barbara with the local Incident Command center. We understand that you tried to verify this, but the officials with whom you spoke for this story are not the individuals in Incident Command center who have such knowledge.

Chubb Wildfire Defense Services routinely obtains access to evacuation zones from local Incident Command centers and is in regular communications with the liaison officers at the centers. Members of our service attend all briefings and remain in radio communication with Incident Command regarding our efforts to defend the homes of insurance policyholders who have enrolled in our wildfire defense program. During the 2008 wildfire season, Chubb Wildfire Defense Services responded to nearly 20 wildfires in California after being granted access by the Incident Commands.

Our service, which is provided at no charge to our policyholders, the State of California or local municipalities, is staffed by certified wildfire fighters. All our crews and engines are also under federal contract and are the same resources the federal government dispatches to wildfires throughout the Western United States, including California.

To date, our efforts already have saved several of our customers' homes in Santa Barbara. In addition, our efforts have likely added to the protection of other nearby homes.

Mark L. Schussel
Vice President, Public Relations
Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

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