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Posted on May 24 at 5:25 a.m.

No doubt, just the tip of the iceberg as the audit and charges only cover three years--several more years of billing the Water Resources Board have yet to be audited, and my bet is it will yield more of the same. And, in lieu of the State's financial predicament, I'm guessing that they will be expanding their investigation. Ms. Hayden, in particular, thinks she is untouchable but she is listed as a co-owner/officer of Hayden Environmental and the one that was handling the books. Further, she is named as the owner/CEO of the subcontractor company that should be investigated as well (and, maybe her other businesses should be suspect). Unbelievable, that this extensive rip-off of a tax-funded program was uncovered by a standard random audit because the bookkeeping for Hayden Environmental included work hours for Mr. Hayden so excessive that they worked out to him supposedly working 11 hours a day, 6 days a week for the entire year! No one said criminals are smart, I guess, as proven in this case.
Sadly, this is not just about the money--how well did they do the job they were hired to do? Did they really clean up a potentially dangerous and toxic situation? Did they do the job properly or did they cut corners for more money? Fortunately, the AG and Water Resources Board have made such activity a priority, deciding to aggressively prosecute such crimes. As they say, Kharma's a...well, you know!

On Felony Charges Filed Against S.B. Cleanup Contractor

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