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Posted on February 7 at 10:24 a.m.

My Dog is My Home

I want to applaud not only the Independent for publishing “Counting the Homeless,” but all the volunteers and organizations that joined in this year’s homeless count. One glaring omission from the count and the story of those living on the streets are their animal companions. In preparing for the National Museum of Animals & Society’s 2013 summer exhibit, “My Dog is My Home: Increasing Awareness of Interspecies Homelessness,” we have found that a large percentage of the homeless have animals, and because of these furry family members they are denied many services, including shelter. These animals, in many cases, are lifelines, giving folks are reason to live, inspiring accountability, and motivating them to forgo drugs and alcohol. I hope in 2015, the count can include animal family members and show that there is a great need to address and service this sub-population that can be so generous, loving and lifesaving. See the making of the exhibit on our site:

Carolyn Merino Mullin
Executive Director

On Counting the Least Among Us

Posted on December 18 at 1:29 p.m.

Thank you for bringing this issue up! Part of the problem is the idea of "ownership," as if non-human animals are property without sentience, emotions and needs.

The term and viewpoint we should be adopting is guardianship. We are guardians who care for our companion animals and accept responsibility for their wellbeing, treatment, care, and quality of life.

-Carolyn Merino Mullin
National Museum of Animals & Society

On Who Let the Dog Out?

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