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Posted on August 18 at 11:01 a.m.

This is NOT a religious issue. If it were, the Greek Orthodox Church would be treated with the same respect and given the same streamline right through the red tape in New York to be approved to build where they in fact had a church before...

The Greek Orthodox Church has the same rights and are not being given free reign to build - and they are being denied...

Oddly, the request to build a Muslim church goes right through the red tape, is endorsed by a President that I believe is a muslim sympathizer, and is slap in the face of EVERY American that knows we are at war with a regime of muslim extremists that HATE America, Americans and democracy.

PEOPLE DIED - Should we disgrace their memory with such an insult to reward the religion of the killers with a trophy on the spot that people were murdered at??

What is wrong with this Country?? Are people losing thier minds? This is wrong. Period. It's an issue of respect and honoring the lives of the people that were murdered on 9/11.

Build the muslim church elsewhere - and if this IS really a religious freedom issue then why isn't the Greek Orthodox Church being allowed to re-build? Greeks do not have a radical theology that requires you to believe their religion or die.

On Obama's Manhattan mosque endorsement: “...our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.”

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