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Posted on November 1 at 2:38 a.m.

If americans are more obese than French is that they are victims of their own culture and the famous "way of life".

Why do they work so hard ?

The best theory I found is that, first of all, because of the pioneer spirit. But this spirit did not fade away.

Why ?

Americans think it is for having a big car, a huge house and many gadgets and stuff they will never or almost use but we know now that is, nowadays, because the successive governments understood the absolute necessity to retain leadership and that is by pushing economic efforts at max speed and at the expense of the workers ...

For that, they manipulate the whole system (which like it by the way : once started, it goes all the way) in order to make all (or almost) people think that "What they are" is defined by "What they own".

Yet, China is on the way (with a different cultural thinking but, for the moment, more efficient).

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