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Posted on July 12 at 6:45 a.m.

I don't agree with some of the people for or against the present SBGI. Most people don't understand what all the SBGI entales. There is no standard GI. Every one is written differently. Most people I've spoken to assume its simply only targeting all gang members and or worst offenders. If you haven't read all and understand the present SBGI then how can you make a educated decision on your opinion if you're for or against?

There are parts I agree but stronger parts that I disagree. Look im all for locking up and even shipping everyone to a deserted island that are simply a menace to society but there are parts in the SBGI like for example if passed gives the police a blanket of 300 John Does names that they can easily add any name that they feel and many cases simply on their assumptions added to the GI with out any due process. That is simply giving the SBPD too much power that has a great potential to affect many innocent kids.

This is a deep subject and unless you lived and actuslly experienced police harrasment growing up in the high density mostly latino neighborhoods of SB you wont understand let alone agree with my perspective on the SBGI.

The City and County have already spent a few million $ on this GI yet the WS Boys and Girls Club struggles financially just to keep their doors open every year.

My nephew who is a latino who is more of a jock with a swag as I see him has no tattoos or in a gang. He fits the SBPD profile of a gang member that is he is a young latino and dresses with some.what baggy clothes id say more loose fitting like allot of the he kids do. I'm not talking about his pants hanging under his ass type.

He grew up in a neighborhood that is presently designated in the SBGI. He has childhood friends that took the wrong path in life and sees them around the neighborhood at the store or simply walking. He would as I would do the same thing and say hello whats up? Shake hands and even shoulder hug. That is normal typical way of greeting. A SB police officer rolled up while
Nephew was greeting a suspected gang member that he has known since kindergarten and was ordered to lift up his shirt and pull down his pants because they wanted to see if he had any tattoes. My nephew has no criminal record or any tattoos yet complied but the whole time asking "why are you doing this to me, I didnt do anything". The police officer wrote down his name and added to their records a gang associate. This is standard practice by some SBPD officers though they will never admit it. This practice.has been going on forever.

On Gang Injunction Clears Hurdle

Posted on October 3 at 7:25 a.m.

I agree, this is so lame to give 20 minutes. What do you not understand people? If you drive with out a license you simply get your car impounded. Dont want your car impounded, dont drive with out a license!

If you start giving 20 minutes then its just watering down the law and encouraging people to continue driving with out a license. So now I have 20 minutes to not get my car towed when i drive with out a license, Cool! ~ WTF!!

Pueblo is pushing to get SB those 20 minutes and as I understand it because " it places an undue burden on many immigrants who find themselves caught in a very expensive legal Catch-22, because to economically survive, they all but have to drive."

Im going to try to contact PUEBLO director Mark Alvarado or Belen Seara today and see if someone can please explain undo burden vs breaking the law or trying to water down a law that was placed for what reason again?

Really, im open to listen but it just doesnt make logical sense.


On Impound Policy Gets Second Look

Posted on May 26 at 7:50 a.m.

I agree 100% about having or not having a license and NEVR pay up front for anything. Always ask and check references. This piece of S**t guy was just plain out ripping people off and mostly preying on the elderly.

On Detectives Hunt for Phony Landscaper

Posted on December 17 at 8:30 a.m.

150 mixed teenagers and young adults drinking alcohol on the lower Westside of town at a low income apartment courtyard. Your in the heart of the "Hood" with unsupervised kids with no security. Hello!!!!! Gangbangn underworld?? livingsb sounds like your not really living in sb.

On Man Stabbed During Altercation at Party on Sunday

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